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  • Why do you need a mobile website?

    12/9/2019 9:24:40 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, the list goes on.  Everyday it seems there is a new outlet for online media.  Mobile websites are part of the digital age and having one provides yet another access point for your customers to find you.  There are different schools of thought as to what makes a good mobile site:

    Should it be a full version of your desktop site in a scaled down format?
    Should it be a synopsis of your business to provide mobile users with a peek of your business?
    What features does a mobile website need to have?

    These are all good questions and only you can answer then for your business.  Levelfield and Online Agency have taken the approach that a mobile website should let a visitor know about your business and the services it provides and allow potential customers to contact you about your business.  Cultivating potential customers is the main focus of any website and your mobile site should be able to do just that.

    Levelfield and Online Agency are providing our customers with a Mobile Website Solution that covers these basics fundamentals.  If you are interested in adding a mobile website your site contact us today to get started.

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