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  • 'I'm Sandals/Beaches Certified, How do I show my Certification on my Website?'

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    "I'm Sandals/Beaches Certified, How do I show my Certification on my Website?"

    When you are affiliated and certified by Sandals and Beaches, they provide you their certified logo. Here's how you can add these logos to your website.

    1. Start by logging in to your Online Agency account.

    2. Enter the email address and the password you chose during registration and click "login".

    3. Now that you're logged into your account, you'll be on your "Dashboard", which is your main Online Agency account page.

    4. Click on the "Pages of Content" link to go to the editable version of your Home Page.

    5. You will find a list of your web pages in your account in the left side and the home page edit mode on the right side. Click on the page where you want to insert the image.

    6. On the right side you will find the edit mode of the page and you can find small yellow buttons labeled "Image", "Links", "Body", "Title", etc.

    7. If you find an "Image" button already there in the place you want to add an image, click on it and continue from step 12 below. Otherwise, click on the "Body" button in that place.

    8. It will take you to Body edit mode, where you will find a Green color button called "Convert" with a title "Content Box". Click on it.

    9. It will take you to the edit mode of "Content box" where you can find a drop down list in the bottom with a default selection "Body" along with a "new" button next to it.

    10. Click on the drop down button and select "image" from the list and click on the "New" button next to the dropdown. This will create a image box within the content box along with the body already there. Click the "OK" button to save your changes to the content box.

    11. Now you can see a Green color box called "Box" and two yellow color button called "Body" and "image" on your web page. Click on the "image" button.

    12. It will take you to the "Edit Image" page. You will have an option to select the image from the list area. Click the image name from the list area for the image you want displayed on your page. Finally you can click on the right bottom “save” button. (Or)

    If the image is not uploaded in your account, you were not able to find the image name within the displayed list, so you can directly browse and upload the image in the "Edit Image" page. Here you can find the "browse" (Next to image list) link in this page click on that. Then select the image from your computer and click on the "save" button.

    13. When you click on the save button the image is added to your page.

    Once complete you have successfully added your certification on your website!

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