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  • Your Words Mean Everything

    12/9/2019 9:24:39 AM Link |  | Add comment

    I have stated before in a previous post that we only occur in languaging. We as individuals only exist in terms of our words and descriptions. Let them be our strength. I occur in this blog post because our common language allows you to read what I have written and to understand the meaning of my words. If we exist because our language allows us to relate to each other and the world then shouldnt we treat every word as if it can change the world.

    On another note, a few weeks back the tragic events in Killeen Texas occurred. The media and government officials have tiptoed around the event calling it a tragedy (which is was), that one of our own soldiers took the lives of his own. What everyone has failed to say is that this tragedy was in fact a terrorist attack. This soldier, one of our own, a muslim, attacked Americans on our own military base. This man was not simply misguided or suffering from a mental disorder. This man committed a terrorist act on American soil. He took the lives of Americans and he planned to do so. What everyone out there is skirting with their words is the fact that society's political correctness has promoted likemindedness and the inability to speak up and use your words for their true meaning. If its proven that an American soldier shot down 13 American's on our home turf then the man is a terrorist. If that man was a Christian, then he's a Christian. If he was a caucasian male from Minnesota, then he's a caucasian male from Minnesota. If the man was of Indian descent, African heritage, or a newly minted US Citizen from the country of Djibouti, then that is what he is. If that man just so happens to be Muslim, then he's a Muslim. Call a spade, a spade. We've learned recently that this man spoke with a known radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki prior to this tragedy. We also know that this communication was intercepted by investigators. If this radical was a Christian so be it. If someone, anyone had spoken up and said "hey this guy is communicating with a radical" maybe this terrorist act wouldn't have happened. Use your words to "call it like it is". If someone is acting like a terrorist, muslim or not, SAY SOMETHING. You never know what the strength of your words could help prevent.

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