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  • Each day is so important...

    12/9/2019 9:24:39 AM Link |  | Add comment

    If you live to 80 years old you would have been alive for 29,220 days. Thats less than 30,000 days. Urgency with life is real.

    As of today I have been alive 15,103 days. If I only live to 80 years old I have 14,117 days left.

    Have I used the 15103 days of my life so far, wisely? How am I planning to use the next 14,117 days?

    Each day of your life is so important...we should all make the most of our 29,220 days and start living.

    If it were all gone tomorrow would you look back and say that you truly Lived? Don't write off life and say tomorrow I will. Use every second of every day to do what it is you were meant to do.

    I'm happy to say that I don't think I've wasted ALL 15,103 days of my life and I am sure that knowing a lifetime is less than 30,000 days will create an urgency in my life that life is real. Get busy living or get busy dying.


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