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- Jeannie Samson, President, Inc

  • Seek to change...

    2/19/2009 4:48:32 PM Link |  | Add comment

    change, pain, staying the same, uncomfortable


    When the economy is down it’s the perfect time to focus on the areas that are profitable. Shift and allocate assets, tasks and products that are more productive for your company. Focusing forces you to shift resources where they are best needed. When the pain of staying the same becomes too great the pain of changing becomes an option. For many companies and people (in their lives) changing ways is the most painful experience that one can think of. Changing is hard, it’s a hard pill to swallow and its very painful and tedious for most. Train yourself that change and hardship produces extraordinary results when it finally becomes an option for you. Only when you allow yourself to open up to the concept of changing does the effort put forth in that change become worthwhile to your business or your life. Make the necessary yet painful steps to change yourself, or your company to insure survival through trying times. The changes we’re making in the US to “protect” and feel safe the economy won’t be the right thing until it’s painful for all of us. When you become uncomfortable you’re finally making traction in your life. Seek to be uncomfortable, seek to change and seek out the pain that makes your life and your company great!

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