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  • Doing what is right and no special cases

    4/1/2009 12:23:26 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Do what is right, No Special Cases, Seek the Truth

    Everyone living today should strive to do what is right, seek the truth and live with the fact that there are no special cases in life. Regardless of circumstance you are not a special case, you must dance to your commitments.

    In the US and across the globe countries are facing an "economic downturn" because of a lifestyle of "i want what i want and i want it now". We are not a special case.

    If your business plummets and you have not prepared for the cycle of valleys. You are not a special case. There are thousands of businesses out there facing the same dips and valleys that are thriving and surviving because they prepared for the downturn cycle.

    In business, the legal realm and life in general there are no special cases. If you do what is right there are no special cases to deter you from truth.

    Whatever choices were made in the past that caused the downturn in our economy, we are not a special case. It happened because of choices made and a glance back at history reveals that it has happened before, we didn't learn from mistakes and yet again we are not a special case.

    Take a step back and realize that if you do what is right, set goals appropriately, , you will find the truth. The truth is, you are not a special case. Face your decisions and live the consequences.

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