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  • So You Want To Be Number 1 On Google: Part II

    2/28/2008 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    SEO Goals

    If your following my directions from my previous Number 1 on Google post, you're still blogging...

    To aid you in this new found venture to be at the top of the Google website listings. Here are a few more suggestions...

    Write about what you are doing in your business. If you are restructuring your referral program for your customers then blog about it. If you are establishing a referral program that benefits your customers for the very first time then blog about it. Here at Levelfield we are launching a new referral campaign and I am blogging about it. 

    Our marketing manager looked at our budget and realized we're spending a lot of money with outside firms to drive new leads for our business and we've decided that the people who matter most, our customers aren't getting enough benefits. We've upgraded our referral program to offer two options, $75 checks or 3 months of free service. The best part is that our customers choose the option they prefer. Previously we haven't offered an option as to free money versus free service but we're changing the campaign to allow for that. If your not a customer of Levelfield or OnlineAgency you probably wont receive an insert with the "Meet Amanda. She's here to give you money!" referral campaign included with your invoice but we're giving you the chance to get referral money also. You don't have to be one of our customers to refer a great one, if you know someone who is in need of a website and you refer them to us you'll also be eligible for the $75 check. It pays to refer those in need of a website and we'll send you a check to prove it! Check it out!

    Back to the business at hand, Google and everyone's goal to overachieve and be number one. Remember there are millions of searches and millions of #1's so maybe in fact you are #1 and you don't know you are. Does your website have a reporting tool that shows you how searchers are finding you? My last post was about the Hilux (I originally spelled in Helux) truck and how a misspelled word got me a high ranking on Google for a 'helux truck' someone who wasn't initially looking for my company found my website. Since my update on my incorrect spelling I've recognized that my website has a lot to teach me about who's looking and what's driving their searches.

    So what else has my website reporting tool taught me? If you Google the question 'how do travel agents make money?' the #4 link you'll see references Levelfield's referral program (as of 2/28/08). Not an obviously place to find the answer to your google question but it is a way for travel agents to make money so the appropriate links have been made.

    To come full circle my website reporting tool also taught me, if you Google the phrase 'simple referral program' the #3 link is my Clarity blog (as of 2/28/08). At some point I mentioned "By creating a simple referral program you can create a highly productive marketing system" and this mention led my blog to be a high ranking on Google for 'simple referral program'.

    What has your website taught you about the traffic coming to your site?

  • So you want to be Number 1 on Google

    2/14/2008 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    SEO Goals

    Let's say you are a travel agent. You want to be number one on Google in all Travel related searches.

    If you really wanted to set your goals high, I'm here to offer you free advice on exactly how to achieve this.

    Google the word, travel.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Here's your competition...
    2 Billion other travel related websites (As of 2pm Central Time; about 2,010,000,000 for travel)

    Who's the current number one? Yahoo; of course.

    If you plan to compete with this number one spot on Google here's your next step...
    Do a simple site search on Google, to find out how many unique pages are being fed into this website so you can truly understand what your competition has that you may or may not have. (As of 2pm Central Time; about 7,860,000 for Your competition has almost 8 million pages of travel content and (I'm just guessing here) you do not.

    How do you compete???
    Its a two step process:
    1. First, you must build 7,860,000+ pages of unique travel-related content. In other words, its time to start blogging A LOT!
    2. Second, get out your checkbook its time to spend as much if not more money than Yahoo on internet marketing. I hope you have that kind of money...

    After all is said and done, you've created close to 8 million new pages of travel content and you've spent millions of dollars in your marketing budget. After all this time and money you might have a chance to be #1 on Google!

    This was free advice, I offer no guarantees. Simply something to consider when you set your SEO goals.

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