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  • New Niche Markets

    2/7/2008 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Niche Markets

    After reading the latest industry news in my business we noticed an important market that we had yet to tap into. Vacation Homes. We've continually provided service to other major venues in the travel industry, i.e. Cruise Lines, Tour Companies and Destinations but this was the first we considered this area. This area of the vacation industry fit seamlessly into our current business model.

    Instead of spending precious time trying to become number one on Google I turned to my tried and true method, learned through history and experience. Through insight and capitalizing on what works well in my business, I was able to expand my market with the current model and product. I found a vacation home provider that wanted to work with my platform and network. We showcased them and added visibility to their business through our network, we sent a feature in our newsletter to all of our existing customers expanding the audience for our new niche supplier.

    The net result of this campaign into a new market in the industry created a great story to tell to the next vacation home supplier we recently approached and added to our network of suppliers. My tried and true method worked! Its been proven and it fit seamlessly into our business model. I've created a new niche we can build from in the future and took no shortcuts to get there.

    Anyone can participate in the growth of their business in this way. Every step you take to generate revenue should be simple and should add up and produce a force for your business. Through the inspiration of the day to day processes I understand my business' strengths. Reading the latest news in the industry allowed me to generate a new niche for my business.

    More time and money is wasted attempting the impossible feats in small business. If you don't have the same collateral that your much larger competitors do in their ballooned marketing budgets, becoming number 1 on google won't better or worsen your chances at small business success. Spending all your time and money focusing to help Google's bottom line is a sure fire way to run out of both. Focus on your strengths as a company to grow your business.

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