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    photo by Anna Cervova

    Working on your fundamentals is a key element of your daily activities as well as business. I've recently discovered that focusing on fundamentals and being persistent in your efforts is foundational to achievement. I have been involved in some form of organized soccer or running for the last thirty years and throughout this time I have hit the peaks of fitness and the valleys of decadence. On December 24th I attended my first Bikram yoga class. My reasoning for doing so was to increase my flexibility to help improve my soccer playing ability and to allow myself the ability to run pain free. Flexible muscles would provide me less soreness and less chance to become hurt or injured. Yoga would also provide me with a way to work on fitness fundamentals that I may have neglected in the past. I took a chance and partook in something that I normally would not participate in order to focus on longevity and fitness fundamentals. Today will be Day 17 of Yoga Class (in a row).

    On Day 13 I had a breakthrough as I was listening to the instructor and she said, "Focus on breathing as it is the foundation of yoga". Historically I have been quite inflexible but during this breakthrough in class I focused on breathing and I was able to maintain a pose that seemed implausible for my body to achieve on each of the previous days. The Fixed Firm Pose and the element of breathing was my breakthrough.

    Look to see what is fundamental to your business and focus on this to achieve your breakthrough. "Where does your money come from?" Improve this through focus and persistence and you will impact your bottom line. My new focus for 2008 is the foundation of my business: the size of the network. We are a small business and in order to achieve an impact to our bottom line we need to focus on our strength as a business, our large network of clients. We've recently hired someone dedicated to marketing because it helps us focus on what is fundamental to our business. Marketing to our existing clientele and our existing network will allow us to build on our fundamentals to reach our next breakthrough.

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield  Inc.

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