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    I have missed writing for the last few months. First quarter 2007 has been extremely busy. We have been working hard to add to our product line and making significant software and hardware infrastructure upgrades.

    Another thing that we've added is support for vacation homes and we are developing websites and offering distribution for these hot vacation properties. We want to make sure that no matter what kind of vacation your customers are planning you have the ability to provide them with a memorable experience.

    If you have a vacation home for rent and you pay commissions, we a special offer for you. You can list your vacation home for 6 months and have it distributed to thousands of travel agency sites. Now vacation planners will have thousands of different ways to find Your vacation property to help you keep it full year round. There will be no charge for the listings for the first 6 months. After that the regular fee is $249.00. Also the first 10 properties that we receive will be listed free for 2 years. (Limit one per customer). We'll even load the data for you. If you buy advertising you know that this is a great offer.

    Remember this special offer is open to OnlineAgency(TM) and Levelfield(TM) customers and will provide thousands of new ways for vacation planners to find your property. If you have a property you wish to list send an email to (or just reply to this newsletter) with your questions.

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