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- Jeannie Samson, President, Inc

  • Make it count!

    5/28/2008 2:57:23 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Business Management

    As the end of the month nears businesses typically scramble to close sales and pump up the numbers. Its all in the details. Don't fall short on your product, your business or your goals simply by striving to satisfy an immediate need. Its in the little things that projects and products fail. If you miss out on the details in the harried moments at the end of a month you'll surely forget an important step, an important product detail for the customer. Strive to close months with a bang but more importantly strive for a bang to end out each and every day. The last three days of a month matter little if the overall big picture has been neglected. Three days cannot make up for 28 other days you failed to try. Just like in my last post, there is enough time every day for everything important. Make time to sell your products and to highlight the importance the best and right way to potential customers. Strive to be the best at all times in business. If just one potential customer sees you less than your best than you have failed them and your product and may miss out on an important deal. Be the best for your business every moment of every month, make every moment, every sale, every dollar and every goal...count!!!

  • Where To Spend Your $$$Money$$$

    1/9/2008 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Business Management

    A friend of mine recently told me a story about his new business. He had allotted $5000 to launch a website for this business and he wanted to spend $3500 on the art and graphic design of the site with the other $1500 to go toward its functionality. He was willing to spend a significant amount of his budget on the site because he wanted it to be a reflection of himself and his business.

    Wanting my insight on this decision to invest in a website I made a simple suggestion. Invest $1000 on a Levelfield, Inc. Small Business Website and use the other $4000 of the budget to generate marketing to bring awareness and interest to the business. By only spending $1000 on my product and still receiving a highly functional, quality website interface with design elements, he would free up a large portion to spend elsewhere to gain interest for his business. By using the larger amount of marketing budget to drive customers to the website and create awareness for the business, the functionality of the web site will support the new interest and keep customers coming back.

    I’d like to take credit for this idea of function
    on and utility being more important than the outward reflection of self but Henry Ford is the one who originated this concept. Because of Ford transportation was of the essence and automobiles became the source of transportation for all Americans. Cars were no longer luxury items and status symbols afforded by only the upper class; cars were affordable. By providing a basic necessity to the American dream, Henry Ford helped increase the quality of life across the U.S. He made automotive transportation a reality for all people not just for the rich. I can only hope to achieve the same when it comes to small businesses and functional websites.

    Be aware of where you are spending your money and why you are spending it. Insure that it is spent in a manner that benefits the functionality of what it is you are trying to achieve. A web page can win awards for its design and presence but if it doesn’t support incoming business and return customers its not worth a single penny you’ve spent.

    Form and functionality make a website usable for you and your customers. Be conscious of where you spend your money and focus on your business’ marketing efforts. Use your marketing budget to drive interest to your business. If you don't have the ability to update your web site; if your web site doesn’t capture information from your online leads and automatically notify you so you can communicate to your customers immediately; if it doesn’t offer a built in newsletter feature for you to communicate to existing and interested clients; and if it doesn’t offer reporting for you to understand and better focus your efforts according to who has visited your business online your web site doesn’t work for your business.  If your web site doesn't offer you all of these capabilities then you are spending too much money without enough return on investment.

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

  • Traveling and Working

    11/7/2007 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Business Management, Personal, Small Business

    Jude Samson Traveling

    Have you setup your business so that you can keep an eye on your business and work on your business while you’re traveling? You can use technology to work globally.
    I brought my laptop with me on my trip to Switzerland. It’s getting really easy to find wireless Internet access while you’re traveling. I essentially have complete access to everything I need to run my business no matter where I am in the world. Using Instant Messaging I can communicate with the people I work with. With our sales and support tool I can make sure we’re continuing to bring new business in the door, and taking care of our new and existing customers.
    I can even put up a new blog post with a picture of myself from an airport half way around the world!
    You may need to travel unexpectedly. Can you pick up and leave and still grow your business? Even if you’re traveling for pleasure you should be able to extend your trip with the right tools.
    Make a commitment to your business. Setup you business so that you can get your work done no matter what the circumstances.
    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

  • A Guaranteed way to Boost Your Profits!

    9/19/2007 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Business Management, Small Business

    There’s really only one guaranteed way to boost your profits. That is to reduce your expenses. Do you really need fancy office furniture or a gas guzzling SUV to effectively run your business?

    Business follows a very simple formula

    Revenue – Expenses = Profit

    Sure we’re all trying to grow revenue, but it really pays to invest some time in reducing your expenses. It will have the same effect on your profits.

    Have you signed up for services that you continue to pay for but never use? Stop! Call the vendor and ask them to cancel your account. $9.99 a month, $29.95 a month and $199 a year may not seem like much, but they add up quickly. If you’re not using these services or they’re not adding to your bottom line, then cut them out.

    Look at the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising. You can use your Levelfield website to track the success of many of these campaigns. Just use the reporting feature to see if your efforts are creating more traffic, more quote requests and more business. If they’re not you should either look at how you can improve what you’re doing, or stop doing the things that aren’t working and reinvest that money where it will work.

    I could go on and on. Look at each expense in your business and ask yourself: “is this necessary? Is this adding to my bottom line?” If it’s not then you have an opportunity to increase profits.

    Find an expense you can cut right now and increase your profits! I guarantee it will work.

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

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