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    We don’t believe in secrets. There are no marketing secrets that will suddenly explode your business to the point that it generates millions and millions of dollars with no effort. The same holds true with sales secrets.

    I won’t keep secrets from you on this blog. I’ll tell you what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Why? So you can replicate it and create your own success. This is not rocket science. If you spend a few minutes each day creating unique content on your website (like I’m doing with this blog), and another few minutes marketing your blog and your website you’ll generate more traffic. There’s no secret, it just takes a little bit of effort and some persistence.

    One easy way to promote your blog is to submit it to blog directories. Here is a list of the directories that have already listed this blog:

    You can also use a free service like ping-o-matic or Pingoat after each post to let many of the major blog directories know you’ve added a new entry. Start your blog today! Already have a blog? Use the links above to start promoting it.

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