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  • What should I blog about?

    7/15/2008 4:21:06 PM Link |  | Add comment


    A lot of business owners have no idea what they should actually blog about.  You know you have a blog option on your Levelfield website but "what," you say, "would I ever write about?  I own a restaurant" or an HR Company or a Furniture Store.

    First of all, understand what blogs are for.  Blogs are another way to take advantage of the internet and reach customers.  Blogs are internet marketing tools.  You want people to find your website.  Two sentences ago, I included the phrase "internet marketing tools."  I want people interested in internet marketing tools to find Levelfield's website so I made the phrase part of this blog entry.  There's lots of people out there advertising internet marketing tools though so a more refined, narrowed group of words might make this blog entry stand out even more.  Perhaps I should point out that we're an Austin web design company, that we offer powerful online tools for small businesses, that we're located on Jollyville Road, etc.

    But enough about Levelfield.

    What should you write about?  One, just write.  Search Engines like content and they like content that is always changing.  So start writing. Two, make it interesting and relevant to your client base.  

    If you have a restaurant website, give out a recipe occasionally.  Don't worry, nobody is going to make it is good as you.  It'll only leave them clamouring for the real deal.  Write about what makes your restaurant so special, the experience you're trying to give your customers, your experience in the restaurant business.

    If you have an Office Supply Website, write about quality office supplies, what separates good and bad products, whatever you'd like your customers to know about you, the way you view your business, the way you balance your small-business and your family.

    If you have an acupuncture website or a chiropractic website, share some valuable health tips.  Teach them ways to help themselves.  By providing worthwhile information, you'll increase your own credibility.  Credibility feeds business!

    Blog to talk to potential customers and to bring in business.  Don't be shy.  Just write.  You'll increase your web presence, you'll improve your credibility and over time, you'll increase your bottom line.

  • I don't have time...

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    Common Misconceptions with Websites:

    I don't have time to blog.

        Do you check your email regularly? More than once a day? Do you have time to watch TV regularly? Do you spend hours a day aimlessly wandering the internet with no real destination in mind just looking for the latest and greatest information and news updates.  I consider the statement, "I don't have time to blog." as the BIGGEST misconception when it comes to regularly updating a website. As you might notice the last time I blogged was on April 1st. We're nearing the end of the month and I am just now blogging again. Does this mean that "I didn't have time to blog." most would say yes. But in fact I have had the time to blog but I have neglected to update it and guess what, my website traffic is stagnant. With no new content, my website traffic is without growth. Without adding any new content through my consistent blog updates, there is no new search engine friendly content for blog followers to read or searchers to find. So I will not state "I don't have time to blog". A more true statement would be "I haven't made time to blog".

    With business life and home life, it isn't in what you DON'T have time to do, to accomplish, to plan for. It's in what you MAKE time for. There are 24 hours in a day, thats 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds. Just for grins we'll say you maintain a well-balanced schedule; 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of life. That gives you an equal amount 28800 seconds or 480 minutes to live, sleep and work (on a typical weekday). Be present for every second of your day. You'll realize that the balance of 'I don'ts or I can'ts' will succumb to the 'I wills'.

    Writing this blog has used 652 seconds of my workday. I made time. What did you make time to do in 10.86 minutes?     

  • Reporting Tools and Google Queries - Sometimes They Surprise You!

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    First of all I'd like to make a correction to an earlier blog post. I referenced a picture of a Toyota Helux Truck and I have recently become aware of its incorrect spelling. It is actually spelled, Hilux instead of Helux.

    Earlier today I was checking my website reporting tool and noticed some interesting facts about page views and search engine rankings for our website. With our traffic reporting tool I noticed that I was receiving traffic on my blog for specific search queries. The first search that truly surprised me was regarding the Helux Truck comment that I corrected earlier in this post. Simply by mentioning a camel in a truck I unintentionally drove traffic off of Google onto my Business Blog as the number one ranked web page for the search query "helux truck". This unique content on my website helped to increase my website traffic.

    Another noticeable query was that for a "small business blog" on Google. The request landed my blog as 13 of 14,600,000 web pages relating to small business blogs, ranking right behind the Washington Post at number 11, I feel pretty good about my standings in comparison to a well known, much larger business in the media industry.

    With all this traffic that has been driven off of the search engines to my blog or the website for various reasons I must mention the fact that by simply blogging I'm not directly guaranteed to make more money. I wont make any money off of my comments about a camel and a Toyota truck but my website did get more traffic. The whole idea of blogging to increase your visibility online is an attempt to open as many roads as possible to your store which just so happens to be on the internet. The more traffic you drive, the wider the audience you'll have and the greater potential for creating more business and potentially make more money for your small business.

    Keep Blogging for your Small Business! You never know who might be interested in your website and your business because of a camel in a truck.

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