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  • Surround Yourself With Winners

    10/3/2008 4:54:52 PM Link |  | Add comment

    I have an interesting staff at Levelfield.  Almost nobody fits the traditional mold for a software company.  My account managers are a former English teacher in Japan (with a short-lived stint as a car salesman) and a photographer.  My support team includes a young woman who's career experience involved Home Depot and working with special needs children.  One of my two marketing people is an acupuncturist (the other I almost refused to hire because she's over-educated).  My sales team consists of a disgruntled pharmaceutical rep (conscience got to him) and a man I hired when he walked into my office to sell me what I don't even remember.

    My point is this.  I loath resumes.  I'll hardly look at them.  What I look for is self-motivated people who make things happen.  That is my only criteria.  Are you a person who can make things happen and doesn't need instruction?  That is the only important question.  I have no managers.  I don't micro-manage.  Everyone is the master of their own domain.  If they can't operate in such an atmosphere, I have no place for them. 

    That is why Levelfield has succeeded.  I recommend doing the same with your business.  Start with yourself.  If you aren't self motivated and aren't making things happen, start now.  Make sure your employees (and friends for that matter) are doing the same. 

    Success will become easy.

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