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  • Marketing Live Help: Stay Atop the Business World

    7/28/2008 9:00:23 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Marketing Live Help

    They’ve told us we’re in a recession, that the economy is down, that it’s a bad time to be in business.  This should be music to your ears!  Why?  Because you are a proactive, savvy, motivated business owner.  When the economy is down, the fakers disappear and the strong businesses, businesses owned by proactive, savvy, motivated people rise to the top and solidify their position.  Levelfield is making sure its customers stay atop the Darwinian business world.

    Most business owners want a pretty website.  When potential customers see this site, they think, they’ll want to buy my product.  Problem is, there are lots of pretty sites and not much distinguishing one from the other. In the end, it all goes back to marketing.  Levelfield has created more than a small business website.  We’ve created a mass marketing tool that small businesses owners can comprehend and easily use.  And it works.

    Nevertheless, I get emails from time to time from Levelfield customers who ask, “why isn’t my small business website getting me business?”  I ask them if they’re using their blog, their newsletter, their leads capturing tools.  And inevitably, they tell me  Why?  “I never quite understood what a blog is,” they say.  Or, “I don’t really know what to put in my newsletter.”

    With that in mind, we at Levelfield have added a new feature to our website – Marketing Live Help.  Through this interface, you can ask us questions about internet marketing and we’ll give you our thoughts and ideas.

    Levelfield is here to help your business take off.  The internet is going to be a more and more important part of business in the coming years.  We want to help you take advantage of it.

    Simply type your questions into the Live Help interface.  Be as specific as you’d like – “What should I blog about?”  “How does this work?”  “What would be a creative way to market my…”  Ask anything.  The internet offers limitless access to potential customers.  We’ll help you find them.

  • What should I blog about?

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    A lot of business owners have no idea what they should actually blog about.  You know you have a blog option on your Levelfield website but "what," you say, "would I ever write about?  I own a restaurant" or an HR Company or a Furniture Store.

    First of all, understand what blogs are for.  Blogs are another way to take advantage of the internet and reach customers.  Blogs are internet marketing tools.  You want people to find your website.  Two sentences ago, I included the phrase "internet marketing tools."  I want people interested in internet marketing tools to find Levelfield's website so I made the phrase part of this blog entry.  There's lots of people out there advertising internet marketing tools though so a more refined, narrowed group of words might make this blog entry stand out even more.  Perhaps I should point out that we're an Austin web design company, that we offer powerful online tools for small businesses, that we're located on Jollyville Road, etc.

    But enough about Levelfield.

    What should you write about?  One, just write.  Search Engines like content and they like content that is always changing.  So start writing. Two, make it interesting and relevant to your client base.  

    If you have a restaurant website, give out a recipe occasionally.  Don't worry, nobody is going to make it is good as you.  It'll only leave them clamouring for the real deal.  Write about what makes your restaurant so special, the experience you're trying to give your customers, your experience in the restaurant business.

    If you have an Office Supply Website, write about quality office supplies, what separates good and bad products, whatever you'd like your customers to know about you, the way you view your business, the way you balance your small-business and your family.

    If you have an acupuncture website or a chiropractic website, share some valuable health tips.  Teach them ways to help themselves.  By providing worthwhile information, you'll increase your own credibility.  Credibility feeds business!

    Blog to talk to potential customers and to bring in business.  Don't be shy.  Just write.  You'll increase your web presence, you'll improve your credibility and over time, you'll increase your bottom line.

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