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  • Its about priorities not 'pretty'.

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    I've recently renewed my commitment to Yoga that I described in earlier posts. Now although I have the body structure of one that looks like a the perfect 'yogi', I am far from it. Flexibility is not my forte and although in a natural standing or walking position I may look like a yoga instructor I can barely touch my toes. Where I am a natural looking, unnatural yoga student, others in my class have a completely different body type and perform the positions with greater ease than I could ever imagine. Regardless of how "pretty" we look doing poses, its the functionality of the pose that is important. Form versus Function.

    In any small business you must consider form versus function an important criteria for overall success. If you are launching a new restaurant as a small business you must first invest in the important things before the initial opening. If you are on a tight budget you must invest in your food as the functional element. You shouldn't invest a large amount of money to purchase a building when you can initially rent it. Invest in your functionality, without food a restaurant does not function, without an end product you have no goods to sell your customers. Without a mortgage payment you may save some money.
    With any business you should invest in functionality first. I'm not suggesting throwing form out the window and forgetting aesthetics that make customers and yourself more comfortable but it is important to first invest in the function of your business and then make the "pretty" adjustments.

    Most of our customers are seeking websites for their small businesses. There first inclination is to get a "pretty" website. A pretty website does not guarantee you that the website works for your customers and your business. If it functions properly your customers can contact you and you can easily communicate with them. Your customers will revisit your website more often if it works and is functional than if it is a pretty blue or a vibrant red. Worry about your aesthetic appeal after you've created a functional web presence. Its about priorities not "pretty".

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