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- Jeannie Samson, President, Inc

  • Make it count!

    5/28/2008 2:57:23 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Business Management

    As the end of the month nears businesses typically scramble to close sales and pump up the numbers. Its all in the details. Don't fall short on your product, your business or your goals simply by striving to satisfy an immediate need. Its in the little things that projects and products fail. If you miss out on the details in the harried moments at the end of a month you'll surely forget an important step, an important product detail for the customer. Strive to close months with a bang but more importantly strive for a bang to end out each and every day. The last three days of a month matter little if the overall big picture has been neglected. Three days cannot make up for 28 other days you failed to try. Just like in my last post, there is enough time every day for everything important. Make time to sell your products and to highlight the importance the best and right way to potential customers. Strive to be the best at all times in business. If just one potential customer sees you less than your best than you have failed them and your product and may miss out on an important deal. Be the best for your business every moment of every month, make every moment, every sale, every dollar and every goal...count!!!

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