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  • a Verb

    11/28/2007 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    A couple of days ago one of my  new salesmen told me that it was going to be slow till the beginning of the year. He was sharing wisdom he had learned at his previous job... and he would have made sure of this with his actions. I shared that as a company we had made many sales on Christmas eve, January second, the Friday after Thanksgiving...

    The first time I asked sales and support to work on days before national holidays or the day after, my rational was I work because its quiet so others must also. We want to sell to small business and 90 percent of our customers have less than 50 employees. The owners and decision makers at these businesses are probably at work.

    Catching up or getting ahead
    For me the holidays are great time to catch up or get ahead in my business. Since my four kids are off during the holidays, I take them to the office with me.. They play, draw or read  at the office while I can get caught up on work.

    There is always a logical reason  why you cannot sell as much or provide support for your customers...I urge you to make your own reasons why you can - It will serve your business better. Its that extra COMMITMENT that will have you stand out from the rest.
    When I was 12 a soccer coach told me .."Samson if your mind can think it your ass will follow"
    My friends, go out there and get lots of new customers this holiday season and take care of a lot of old ones.
    Jude Samson
    President Levelfield

  • Levelfield - What's in a Name?

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    Small Business, Websites

    We call ourselves Levelfield because our aim is ultimately to level the playing field for small business owners. We want you to have the same tools your larger competitors have.

    Levelfield - Small Business Websites

    As a small business ourselves we have the same challenges and need the same things that you do. That’s why we build software that does the things that every business needs, big or small. Then, by working with lots of loyal small businesses we’re able to offer these products at very affordable prices.
    Simple right? That’s the point.
    What’s the story behind your name? Write it down and tell that story on your own website.
    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

  • Add Unique Content - Get Found on Search Engines

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    Marketing, Search Engines, Small Business, Websites

    These days as we talk with our customers and prospective customers almost everyone asks about getting found on the search engines.
    Once again, there are no shortcuts or magic involved in this form of marketing. It’s just a matter of consistent effort over a period of time. Really it just boils down to 3 key elements:
    1)      Adding Unique Content to Your Website
    2)      Focusing on a Very Specific Niche
    3)      Getting Links Back to Your Website
    That’s it…
    In this post I’ll talk about adding unique content. In future posts I’ll discuss the other two key points.
    Adding unique content is not rocket science. You just need to spend time on a regular basis and write. You can write articles, blog posts, tip sheets, answer frequently asked questions, etc. There are many ways to add content, but if it’s going to be unique then you’re going to have to write it.
    Of course you can also use your customers to develop unique content. You can ask them to write a testimonial about your business and describe very specifically how you helped them. If you’re in the travel business you can ask your customer to write about their last trip and send you some pictures. The opportunities are endless, you just have to use your imagination.
    Take 20 minutes right now and write something unique for your website. It’s not as hard as you think! (I just did it)
    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

  • Traveling and Working

    11/7/2007 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Business Management, Personal, Small Business

    Jude Samson Traveling

    Have you setup your business so that you can keep an eye on your business and work on your business while you’re traveling? You can use technology to work globally.
    I brought my laptop with me on my trip to Switzerland. It’s getting really easy to find wireless Internet access while you’re traveling. I essentially have complete access to everything I need to run my business no matter where I am in the world. Using Instant Messaging I can communicate with the people I work with. With our sales and support tool I can make sure we’re continuing to bring new business in the door, and taking care of our new and existing customers.
    I can even put up a new blog post with a picture of myself from an airport half way around the world!
    You may need to travel unexpectedly. Can you pick up and leave and still grow your business? Even if you’re traveling for pleasure you should be able to extend your trip with the right tools.
    Make a commitment to your business. Setup you business so that you can get your work done no matter what the circumstances.
    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

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