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  • Restaurant Websites - Our Latest Niche

    10/24/2007 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Referral Program, Restaurant Websites, Small Business

    We’re now developing websites for restaurants.
    Name a very successful small business that doesn’t have a clearly defined niche or niches. I’ll bet you can’t do it. Choosing a niche to go after in your own small business will help you focus. Focus is critical in the success of a small business like ours.
    Our first niche, and still the majority of our business is in travel. Because we’ve remained intently focused on travel agent websites for years we’ve been extremely successful in that space. We now have well over 3,000 independent travel agents that we work with, and 130 travel suppliers like Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Funjet Vacations, and many more.
    Now it’s important for us to diversify. One niche that we’ve started developing is restaurant websites. There are tens of thousands of restaurants, and we can offer them a simple turn-key website that does everything they’ll need: A website that they can make changes to themselves, make their menu available to their patrons, keep those same patrons coming back with our built-in email newsletter, and the ability for customers to place orders, make reservations or request details about group events.
    What’s your niche? What is your business focused on that will bring you a consistent flow of new customers?
    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.
    P.S. Don’t forget about our referral program. Refer your favorite restaurant to us and you’ll receive a check for $100!

  • We're off to the Triathlon World Championships

    10/17/2007 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Family, Personal, Small Business

    Jeannie Samson - Bandaged Woman Triathlete

    At the end of this month Jeannie and I will be leaving for Lausanne, Switzerland for the Triathlon World Championships.

    Even though Jeannie crashed on the bike at the National Championships in Kansas City, she still finished 10th and her time was good enough to qualify her for the World Championships.

    As always there's a business lesson to be learned from Jeannie's experience. In your business you're going to have failures and setbacks. That doesn't mean it's the end of the race, even though it might feel like it. When those things happen it's important to honor your commitments and not honor the way you are feeling. Jeannie honored her commitment to finish the race and qualify. She was slower after the crash, but because she honored her commitment to finish and qualify she'll get to start a brand new race. This time on the world stage.

    She also launched her very own website this week. Learn more about her story, check out some more photos and learn more about how she does it all. - Wife, Mother, Triathlete

    While you're there don't forget to read her Triathlon Blog

    The next time you experience a setback remember to honor your commitments, keep your chin-up and move forward.

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

  • Levelfield's Approach to Website Design

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    Marketing, Websites

    At our core we believe that websites should be simple and functional. It’s important to have a professional looking website that presents the proper image. This look should be consistent throughout the entire site. Beyond this basic requirement it’s more important that the site be designed with the user in mind. Most people visiting a website are there to get information. Can they easily get to the information they need? Is the navigation simple and easy to understand? If they need more information can they quickly request that information online or find the appropriate contact information for someone who can help?

    Websites aren’t meant to be static. They should have current and up to date information. Our platform allows anyone who is comfortable using Microsoft Word or Outlook to easily update and work on their website. We provide free training and support so that everyone from the administrative employees to the executive staff can make any changes they need to the website. We also include capabilities for a searchable online calendar, blogs, photo galleries and more. All so that an organization can work together to keep their website up to date and provide the most current information to visitors.

    Communication is also important. We have several tools built into our product that help our customers communicate with their own customer base. Everything from an e-mail newsletter capability to RSS feeds and other syndication tools can be used to distribute information.

    It’s also important to understand what is and isn’t working on a website over time. That’s why we provide a set of comprehensive reporting tools that will tell you how many times each page on your website has been viewed, and how many people have requested information from that page. This helps our customers to determine if they have irrelevant information on their website. The reporting will also show where all of the web traffic is coming from, how many visitors are looking at the site, and which search terms are being used to find their website.

    Take a look at your website. Does it measure up?

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

  • Ask for an Appointment

    10/3/2007 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Sales, Small Business

    If we wanted to remain small and stagnant we’d rely exclusively on our website for all of our new business. Thankfully that’s far from reality. We’d much rather continue to grow and provide more value for more customers.

    In order to continue this growth we have to be proactive in both our sales and marketing efforts. Nothing that we do involves complex sales strategies or marketing programs. We simply continue to do the things that help us grow over and over each and every day.

    Even though the product that we sell is a technical product the phone is the most productive tool in our office. It’s the next best thing to being face to face with our customers.

    To make more sales we simply make more calls. Again, the approach is simple. We respectfully ask for enough time to show our product to a prospective customer. If they’re interested we schedule an appointment, and if they’re not we thank them for their time and move on to the next call.

    Simple strategies always seem to work the best and it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

    Make some time in your schedule today to call some prospective customers. Ask them for an appointment to see if you can help them with your product or service. If they're not interested just make the next call.

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

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