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  • Follow-up: Polite Persistence = More Sales

    8/22/2007 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Follow-up, Sales

    How many times do you call to follow-up when you're working with one of your sales prospects? For most sales people the answer is: not enough. You don't have to be a stalker, you just have to be polite and persistent.

    The people you're calling on are just like you. They're busy and have lots to do between work, family and everything else they're involved in. That means you can't just give up after one or two phone calls.

    Now I'm not saying you should keep calling and harassing someone who's not interested in what you sell. If someone tells you 'no' respect them and move on to your next call.

    Making a one call close is always great, but most of the time you're going to need to speak with your prospect several times before you're able to close the deal. Here at Levelfield we always finish our sales calls by asking when we can follow-up next. Then we do! That's the most important part. If someone tells you to call them back tomorrow, call them back tomorrow. If they ask you to touch base with them in 2 months, touch base with them in 2 months. Be polite and persistent and you'll close more sales.

    You'll be surprised how many of these potential customers will thank you for your persistence. They know they can count on you to do what you say you're going to do. They know that the way you treat them before the sale is probably the way you're going to treat them after the sale. Now you've earned their business.

    Pick up the phone right now and call 3 prospects you haven't followed up with in a while... After you're done with that, call 3 more!

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

  • My Family

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    Family, Personal

    David, Aliya, Asha and Shanti
    David, Aliya, Asha and Shanti

    In many ways I continue to build Levelfield around supporting my family and the people I work with. At the heart of it is a value system I honor: To be of service and provide value to everyone connected to Levelfield.

    Today I will touch on my family. I have four kids: Aliya (4), Asha (6), David (9) and Shanti (11).

    Not only does Levelfield put food on their plates and a roof over their head, it also gives me a chance to educate them. The office is only a couple of miles from home so they have a place to come and do homework after school. Now that it’s summer David and Shanti spend more time in the office. They get to interact with the rest of the staff here, and learn about business and the value of hard work.

    Next week I’ll tell you about my wife Jeannie. Mother of 4… and that’s not all!

    Focus on your business and what is important to YOU!

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

  • Are you Inspired?

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    Small Business

    Are you inspired by your business? If you are your chances for success are much higher. Putting in the 80-100 hour weeks to build a great company won’t even seem like work if you’re truly inspired.

    What about the people that work with you? Are they inspired about their work and your business? If they’re not the work they do for you is going to seem like a chore to them. They’ll drag themselves to work everyday, do the minimum acceptable amount of work and repeat this slog day in and day out. Their results are going to be far less than inspiring.

    Learn what motivates you and your staff. When you’re inspired and passionate about what you do your results are going to be incredible. You’ll be able to get through the tough times, not stopped by them.

    What inspires you? Write it down and share it on your website or your own small business blog.

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

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