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- Jeannie Samson, President, Inc

  • We Practice what we Preach

    7/25/2007 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Marketing, Sales, Small Business

    Levelfield is a small business. We realized in the beginning that business is business and we all need the same basic things. We all need to grow sales, communicate with our customers and prospective customers, see how our marketing efforts are working and have simple systems that don’t require a rocket scientist to operate.

    We use the very same tools that we sell in order to grow our business:

    We use our own small business website product that we sell for as little as $500 to handle most of our marketing efforts. With it we’re able to capture leads and respond to them quickly. We’re able to easily make changes to the site without having to delve into complex code. We’re communicating with you now through our small business blog, and we’re able to distribute our bi-weekly small business newsletter. After all of that we can look at our reporting and see how many people have read our blog or any other page on our site, requested information, and exactly where they came from (Google, Yahoo, our newsletter, a customer referral, etc.)

    Right now we’re in the process of turning the sales tool that we’ve been using internally for the last 3 years into a product for you. All of our sales people use this tool to track their leads, follow-up with prospects, review a complete history of every conversation anyone in the organization has had with a particular person, and I have the ability to track everyone’s effectiveness. I can see how many phone calls each one of them has made including all of the details about each call if I wish. Plus it’s web based so even if I’m overseas I have access to the same information, and so does my sales staff when they’re working from home or traveling.

    Do you do the same things that you tell your customers to do? Do you use your own products? Be your own customer.

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

  • Make Your Referral Program Simple

    7/18/2007 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Referral Program, Small Business

    The simpler your referral program the better. If it’s complex and hard to understand it will fail.
    One of the reasons we developed our referral program was to keep all our business relationships clean. We will often receive referrals from multiple people in the same industry. It’s not always possible for us to return the favor and send them referrals. By simply paying cash for their referrals there is no further obligation. We’ve essentially paid them for a service. Now if they bring us another referral we just write another check. It’s simple!
    Simplicity is also why we use cash as our reward. Who doesn’t like cash?
    Simplify YOUR referral program. If a 7 year old can understand it you’re on the right path.
    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

  • Build a Referral Program

    7/15/2007 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Referral Program, Small Business

    By creating a simple referral program you can create a highly productive marketing system that you only pay for when it produces results.

    There is no form of marketing more powerful than Word of Mouth Marketing. If your customers, vendors or friends refer a new customer to you, you are probably 10 times more likely to get their business than if that same person had found you any other way. What better way to get more and more referrals than to build a referral program.

    Your referral program does not have to be complex. In fact, the simpler your program is the better.

    Let’s take our referral program as an example. If you refer us a new customer we will pay you at least $75. If your referral purchases our basic small business or travel website product we will write you a check for $75. Pretty simple right? It gets even better. If your referral buys a product beyond just our basic packages we will write you a check for 20% of their total order!

    That’s it. It only takes a few seconds to explain, and it’s very effective. I regularly write checks for $75, and I’ve even been paying some folks $1,500 for referring our new recruiting tool to their headhunter friends. Not bad for a simple 5 minute introduction. I love writing those checks, because it means we just got a new customer and I didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on advertising.

    Everyone wins. We continue to grow our business with great new customers, your friend gets a great new website at an unbelievable price, and you get a nice reward for your efforts.

    Start building your own referral program today!

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

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