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  • 1 New Customer

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    Small Business

    How much is just 1 new customer worth to you?

    Don’t just think of a new customer as that one sale. What is the lifetime value of a good relationship with a new customer? Too often we fail to look beyond that first sale.

    Depending on your business just 1 new customer can be worth tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Think beyond the first one or two sales. Consider the full value of the relationship you can build with that one customer over the lifetime of that business relationship. First they probably represent at least one or two sales each year as they continue to use your product or service. If you can maintain that relationship for 5, 10 even 20 years that new customer begins to represent some pretty significant value… and that’s just the beginning.

    Having a good relationship with that customer can go far beyond the value of their own business. What if they were to refer just 1 of their friends to you ever year? That relationship just got a heck of a lot more valuable didn’t it? If you really cultivate that relationship that may just be the beginning. We have some incredible individuals who refer us 1-2 new customers every month!

    Come back again. Next time we’ll talk about how to build a referral program to accelerate the growth of your business through the best kind of marketing – Word of Mouth.

    Now pick up that phone and get 1 new customer today!

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

  • Welcome to our new Small Business Blog!

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    In an effort to continually add more for our customers and for the small business community at large we’ve decided to start another Levelfield blog. You may have seen our other blog the Levelfield Broadcast Blog, however that blog is a little more technical and is geared much more towards new features and capabilities that are available for our existing customers.

    With this blog we're hoping to give you a little more insight into the philosophy that drives Levelfield and all of us that work here. We hope to take another step in building our relationship with you the customer(?) potential customer(?) or small business owner by sharing some information that you can use to help your own business.

    Most of what you'll find here will be suggestions, tips, advice and insights based on our own experience during 8 years in business and the collective experience of all of the dedicated folks that work here at Levelfield. Things like:

    - Sales tips
    - Marketing advice
    - Customer service suggestions
    - Promoting your website
    - Small business insights
    - General advice from the trenches of another small business

    We're a small business just like you. Which means we face the same problems and challenges as you do. We'll work hard to provide practical tips that you can easily use in your own business to generate more revenue, cut costs and grow your enterprise.

    Use the form on the left to tell me what YOU want to hear about.

    Jude Samson
    Levelfield, Inc.

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