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  • Online Agency Releases New Travel Designs for 2008

    5/1/2008 12:00:23 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Feature Enhancement, System Upgrade

    Today we released 10 new designs for Travel Sites - Travel 2008. You an see them here.  The designs are a part of  a much larger and ongonig system upgrade that includes changes to the infrastructure software, programming lanuages, and equipment. You  may have noticed that the OnlineAgency/Levelfield system no longer uses Microsoft''s Active Server Pages.  The system has been converted so that it runs on Microsoft's ASP.NET. We have seen a significant improvement in the performance of our web servers as a result of the ASP.NET converstion.  So much so that our technical folks were very pleasantly surprised by the results.  They expected a performance boost but not as much as they ended up getting. They also took time to optimize much of the database code to remove performance bottlenecks.

    The design upgrades are not free but you will be moved into the new system with the purchase of a New Look Design Upgrade or Customization Package. 

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