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  • The Giving Season

    12/3/2007 12:00:00 AM Link |  | Add comment


    I remember the last time I bought Christmas present s, my son was 2 my daughter was 4. After the 3rd present they were bored. I realized as a young father I was focused on the wrong things. As a parent the greatest gift I could give my children was my value system that my father gave to me. (It did take me many years to appreciate it) That was the last year I gave my children Christmas gifts. They are now 10 and 12. We use this time of the year to focus spending more time with family and contributing to others.

    I have come to realize that poverty is a relative. I am really grateful I live in the United States in this day and age where we can afford to take creature comforts like hot water to shower with for granted.
    I have found no matter how dire circumstances might occur to me I always have something to give. When I do, I feel good.
    This holiday season do something for someone less fortunate than you. Contributing without an expectation of anything in return is where I have found is where the fulfillment lies.
    I am only inspired to contribute to needs. If you do not know anyone to contribute something to, I would like to suggest
    Happy Holiday Season.
    Jude Samson

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