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  • Webmail Features

    10/10/2005 4:13:35 PM Link |  | Add comment

    New Feature, Webmail

    We are consolidating all our annoucements into the Levelfield Broadcast Blog. Here's a list of features that we added to the webmail services in September. If you don't see these features you may not be using the new system. Contact support for more information. Check out the various options that are available to you now by clicking on the OPTIONS link at the top of the page once you log in to webmail. Pick where you save "sent" messages. Useful if you need to keep track of mail sent by customer. Forward or reply from the list of emails. Pick links, icons, links and icons, or buttons for the menu items at the top of the screen. Select two items from the list, click "select range", and all items between the two become selected. This is useful if you want to delete or modify message status of a bunch of messages quickly. You can also change your select range preferences to support selecting "multiple ranges". For example, you select message one, then message five, then click "select range". You select message eight and message twelve, then click "select range". You now have messages 1-5 *and* 8-12 selected. Enabled shift-clicking. Keep track of dates using the Calendar feature to the webmail with month view and day view. Events can be created, deleted and updated. You can also place a small calendar in the folder area. See Options for settings. Address book Import-Export Import address books from a CSV (comma separated values) file. Located at the bottom of the "Addresses" section. Auto Login: Ability to log in without retyping email address and password. DO NOT USE IN PUBLIC SETTING. Bounce: Resend an email preserving the headers. Email Sent Confirmation: Provides a variety of ways to see tha email has been sent plus a new feature to add addressee to address book. Enhanced Composition: Streamlined tab sequence when writing emails. Show Headers: Ability to show custom headers Add Address: Add the From Address to your address book, via a small link next to the From Address. Auto Completion: Automatically fill in nickname/email address while filling in your To/Cc/Bcc fields. Bookmarks: Keep track of your important Internet links. HTML Editor: Send colorful emails. Quick Save:Saves a copy of your message just in case you leave the compose form by accident. Message Highlighting: Based upon given criteria, incoming messages can have different background colors in the message list. This helps to easily distinguish who the messages are from, especially for mailing lists. New Mail Notifications: Configure settings for playing sounds and/or showing popup windows when new mail arrives. Notes: Create notes, for easy reminders or quick saving of information for future use. Preview Pane: Use a third frame below the message list for viewing message bodies Random Signature Taglines: Append a randomly selected tagline to the user's signature. Spelling Check: Cannt spel? No problem. Templates: Create text templates to quickly add to your emails Weather: How cold? how hot? Rain or Shine? Support: Send a note to the Online Agency support team. And much more:

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