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  • My computer guru told me to update my meta tags...

    2/25/2009 12:07:10 PM Link |  | Add comment

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    How do I Add or Update my websites Meta tags???

    ~Start by logging in to your Online Agency account: Go to http://login.onlineagency.com;
    enter the email address and the password you chose during registration and click "login"

    ~Now that you're logged into your account, you'll be on your "Dashboard", which is your main Online Agency account page.

    ~Click on the "Pages of Content" link to go to the Editable version of your Home Page.

    ~On the Top of the editable home page click on the Meta Tags yellow button, it will take you to the Edit Meta Tags section.

    ~Here you can add the Meta title, Description, Keywords and Comments using the respective fields. All of these tags are added to the header of the page helping search engines find your pages. Once you add all the fields please click on the Save button.

    Reminder: Clear your site cache for all changes to take effect on your live website.


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