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  • Editing Non-Member Supplier Pages

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    Bob the Trainer
    Did you know you can add your own supplier content or edit supplier pages?

    Many Suppliers are listed in the OnlineAgency (TM) system that are not member suppliers (they don't provide any content for the site).

    Although they don't provide us content, you can use them by editing their page in our system to include whatever content you have from them.  You can also use them as a supplier to create promotions and add your own Itinerary information.

    * You can modify their page in our system
    * They can be listed in your "Top Suppliers" column
    * You can use them to build promotions in our system

    Many of our customers use non-member suppliers in our system on their websites.  Some use non-member suppliers exclusively and sell lots of travel.

    There are 3 different methods or some combination of these to do it:

    1. Create custom promotion using the non-member supplier
    2. Create a page from scratch for the supplier
    3. Edit a new version of the non-member supplier page in our system

    _____________To edit a supplier page "New Version"_________

    1. login.onlineagency.com > Click on "pages of content"
    2. Click on "all pages" (in yellow Toolbar on the side)
    3. Click on the Supplier Link or Destination Link to get to the page
    (Follow path e.g.: The World > North America > United States > Hawaii)
    4. click the "New Version" (in yellow Toolbar on the side)
    5. Enter any pertinent information in the form fields (at least a title) > click "save"
    6. Edit your page
    7. Click "Release page" 

    ____________To Create a Promotion______________

    1. Login.onlineagency.com
    2. Click promotions wizard ;
    3. Select the type of promotion; if you are using a supplier select "Type 1", if not using a supplier select "Type 2"
    4. Continue through the screens; follow the instructions in the wizard

    ***For Detailed Instructions****
    login at onlineagency.com > Help? > How to Guides > Promotions & Specials How-To

    Or just use this link:

    * The instructions include how to display the promotions on your page
    * You can also create links to the pages just as you do with a static page
    * After you are done you can go back and edit the promotion; click on "Promotions", click on "edit" or the name of the promotion to edit the page or the settings

    ________Walk-Through Training Support____________

    The Online Agency Training program runs Monday through Friday each week.
    You can sign up from your account dashboard (login to account).
    The sessions occur every Day at 2:00 pm CST.

    * Customizing OLA Content - In this class we cover how to customize any of the 30,000+ pages of content that make up your website. * Promotions In Depth - Here we go over the promo picker (which allows you to customize which promotions will be displayed on your pages), how to edit a promotion itinerary and how to build your own itinerary from scratch.

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