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  • what's up with those search engines?

    11/20/2007 6:10:52 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Google, Search Engines, SEO

    Carnival 2007 Trinidad and Tobago - San Fernando(?)

    For the last 3 years the top three search engines seen by the OnlineAgency (TM) system have been Google, Yahoo, and MSN in that order.  However the amount of searches for the 3 companies has changed drastically over the years.

    3 years ago in 2005 Google was responsible for 46.14% of the search engine traffic on sites powered by OnlineAgency.com (TM). Yahoo was not far behind with 36.40% of the search requests into the OnlineAgency (TM) system. MSN had 17.44 percent.

    Last year in 2006 Google moved up to 61.74 percent of the search engine traffic in the OLA system, Yahoo dropped to 28.63 and MSN dropped to 9.63.

    This year, 2007, the top 3 search engines are still Google, Yahoo, and MSN in that order. However 75.30% of the search engine traffic into the Online Agency system was from Google.  Yahoo had 21.71% and MSN had 4.99% of the search traffic. 

    Are there other search engines? AOL, Ask Jeeves, Netscape, Myway, InfoSpace, Alta Vista, Excite all bring in traffic in small percentages ranging from about 2.08% to 0.06% of the overall traffic.

  • search engines phone home......

    11/19/2007 7:03:37 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Google, Levelfield Broadcast Package, Marketing, Search Engines, SEO

    Carnival 2007 Trinidad and Tobago - San Fernando(?)

    Over 283,000 search engine queries brought folks into the OnlineAgency hosted systems over the last 30 days.  What percentage of the traffic came to your site?  Are you pleased with what you got? If not ask your self what you have done to promote or maintain your website. What have  you done to help it stand out. Are you updating your blog? Do you have The Levelfield Broadcast Option?  The basic rule is that you have to do something but may be surprised that just a little work can bring a payoff. You'll also find that it's not hard once you get into the swing.

  • Open letter from your website.

    8/9/2007 8:04:20 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, Business Blogging, Digital Camera, New Feature, Search Engines, SEO

    Open letter from your website.

    Hey, I miss you. Where have you been. Don't you love me?

    I see some of the other websites in my neighborhod with owners who visit with them frequently. They feed them new great content. Many people crusing the internet come visit to check out the added value on the website that was placed by the site's owners and the valuable content that gives the visitors a reason to keep coming back to the web site.

     I don't get any visitors not even from  you. The search engines come by frequently and I just shake my head sadly, they shrug and pass me by.  I can tell they want to index me but I have nothing for them. Please help me dear site owner. I need some new content from you.

    Hey,  didn't you go on that trip with your digitial camera. Why don't you share some of your trip with me. I'd love to see the pictures on my pages.  It would give me something to brag about to the other web sites.  And it wold make me feel so pretty with those colorful photos adorning my pages. I just know that I can help you - just feed me please.

    I get jealous when the other sites tell me how many visitors they got today.  One of them actually gets a blog post every day from their site owner.  I can tell their owner cares for them and is very smart. They always have something new to share on their website. And they always have new people visiting them coming in on the search engines.

    Well, that's it for now. I hope you come see me today. I really miss you.


    Your web site,

    P.S.  I  have a super duper built in blog that you could use. Wouldn't that be cool? You could come visit me regularly and we could have so much fun.   The blog told me that it was very easy to use and would help me get more web visitors.  The blog also told me a secret. Your competitors use blogs. That's not good is it? Doesn't that mean they might get more site visitors?  The blog also told me that it had something very cool going on next week. I guess that won't matter to me if you don't come visit.  Any way bye for now. I'm going to take a nap. Nothing else to do.

  • How can I get Search Engines to Index me?

    1/19/2007 5:36:23 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, Marketing, Search Engine, SEO

    In our support system, we see this question frequently. I will tell you there is no magic answer. Getting Search Engine traffic requires time or money or both. However, you should know that Unique Content is the essence of the Search Engines world. The more content the Search Engines see the more they devour (index). If you don't add your own unique content there is absolutely no reason for a search engine to index your website. Fortunately, your Online Agency account has several features to help. We know because we use them ourselves. When we post regularly to our blogs we get more search engine traffic than when we don't.

    Your Online Agency account coupled with the Levelfield Broadcast Option is the first step to getting noticed by the Search Engines. If you don't have the Levelfield Broadcast Option call us (866) 489-4889 and get it today. This month (January 2007) you can get it for $69.00 normally $169.00 and an extra month of service on your account.

    The next step is to add unique content to your website. I'm not talking about the various supplier specials that you get in the email. Promotions are important and you should add them to your website but they are not unique content. I'm talking about something that is unique one of kind. This sounds hard but here's a little tip that might help you.

    1. Create a blog
    2. Set up a link on your website to your blog
    3. Post regularly to your blog - the more the better but at least several times a month.
    4. Not sure what to post - try this approach.
      • Find 30 to 100 photos that you have taken while traveling
      • Post a blog entry about the photo and attach the photo. Make sure you mentions things like where you took the photo, the time of the year, why you were traveling, and a brief description of the photo. Mention it's colors, travel suppliers, and your personal comments. Every noun that you write is a great keyword in its natural format. And every natural keyword gives the Search Engines something to index and can help bring Search Engine users to your website.
      • Make an entry every 2-3 days and before long you should start seeing some search engine traffic.

    One thing I am sure is that if you do nothing, nothing will happen. Get busy it's going to be a great year!

    PS.  There is nothing magic about META KEYWORDS.  Most search engines don't even look at them these days. Yet we see customers being instructed by various EXPERTS to set them up.  You may want to think a bit about your META TTITLE and META DESCRIPTION but I'm betting and seeing that the real deal is the actual content of the pages. 

    A cautionary note from Google - ""Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a "special relationship" with Google, or advertise a "priority submit" to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or through the Google Sitemaps (Beta) program, and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever."

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