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  • Flags, Flags, and more Flags

    2/22/2007 11:20:30 AM Link |  | Add comment

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    Real Website Traffic
    Actual Log File

    If you look at  your site traffic reports today you may be seeing a lot more color on the daily report. We've updated the information about IP Addresses  with about 30,000 new ip to country associations.

    Thanks to the update, I see a site visitor today from Sri Lanka. Most of our traffic is from the US and Canada but we always see traffic from other countries.

    Your website can reach further than you think. Make sure you give people a reason to come there.

    Think unique content, interesting photos and commentaries of your trips and those of your customers.

  • How wide should your web page be?

    11/25/2006 5:38:46 PM Link |  | Add comment

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    Screen Resolution (Display Resolution)

    Hey, why is my website floating in a sea of white space?  If you asking  you probably have a giant monitor and a very high screen resolution - and we salute you! However, keep in mind that many people do not have such a monitor. When thinking about how wide your website should be make sure you look at your site through the eyes of your visitors.  

    Fortunately, your OnlineAgency (TM) website makes this easy for you by building this information into your Account. If you click on the Reports menu item from your OnlineAgency (TM) dashboard you'll see a link labeled, "Screen Resolution" or more correctly Display Resolution.

    Here's our suggestions for page widths:

    If you don't care about 15% of the population having to scroll left / right go with a width of 980 pixels. If you still care about that 15% of the propulation, we recommend 770 pixels.  Of course your built in Online Agency (TM) site statistics will help solve this. You can see the screen resolution for the folks who actually visited your site. While you are there check out your reports. They are fascinating.

    If you don't won't to look for yourself, then consider these numbers based on all internet traffic flowing through the Levelfield (TM) / OnlineAgency (TM) system

    Resolution %
    1024x768 55.08
    800x600 15.51
    1280x1024 10.44
    1280x800 7.25
    1152x864 3.12
    1440x900 2.02
    1280x768 1.55
    1680x1050 0.96
    1400x1050 0.80
    1280x960 0.54
    Other 2.71

    Widkipedi defines it this way:

    "The display resolution of a digital television or computer display can be an ambiguous term especially as displayed resolution is controlled by different factors in picture-tube (CRT) and flat panel or projection displays using fixed picture-element (pixel) arrays."

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