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  • search engines phone home......

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    Google, Levelfield Broadcast Package, Marketing, Search Engines, SEO

    Carnival 2007 Trinidad and Tobago - San Fernando(?)

    Over 283,000 search engine queries brought folks into the OnlineAgency hosted systems over the last 30 days.  What percentage of the traffic came to your site?  Are you pleased with what you got? If not ask your self what you have done to promote or maintain your website. What have  you done to help it stand out. Are you updating your blog? Do you have The Levelfield Broadcast Option?  The basic rule is that you have to do something but may be surprised that just a little work can bring a payoff. You'll also find that it's not hard once you get into the swing.

  • Free Site subission to Google, MSN, and Yahoo

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    Marketing, Search Engine, Search Engines

    Recently, we told you how to check your website to see if it had been indexed. If you found that you were not indexed by the search engines you may want to submit your name to the big three search engines.

    Here are the links for free submission to Yahoo, Google, and MSN. We include these because this is where the lion's share of traffic originates. Note that no search engine guarantees that your website will be included in its search index but as the old saying goes - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Submit your website to MSN Search

    Submit your website to Google

    Submit your website to Yahoo
    Requires free Registration
  • Has my website been indexed?

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    Marketing, Search Engine

    From time to time folks ask us if their website has been indexed.  It's pretty easy to check.

    Copy the following links and paste them into your Internet browser. Make sure you replace PUTYOURDOMAINHERE with your actual domain name.


    We also have an test page that might work for you. Check your website

  • Flags, Flags, and more Flags

    2/22/2007 11:20:30 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Feature Enhancement, Marketing, Reports

    Real Website Traffic
    Actual Log File

    If you look at  your site traffic reports today you may be seeing a lot more color on the daily report. We've updated the information about IP Addresses  with about 30,000 new ip to country associations.

    Thanks to the update, I see a site visitor today from Sri Lanka. Most of our traffic is from the US and Canada but we always see traffic from other countries.

    Your website can reach further than you think. Make sure you give people a reason to come there.

    Think unique content, interesting photos and commentaries of your trips and those of your customers.

  • How can I get Search Engines to Index me?

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    Blog, Marketing, Search Engine, SEO

    In our support system, we see this question frequently. I will tell you there is no magic answer. Getting Search Engine traffic requires time or money or both. However, you should know that Unique Content is the essence of the Search Engines world. The more content the Search Engines see the more they devour (index). If you don't add your own unique content there is absolutely no reason for a search engine to index your website. Fortunately, your Online Agency account has several features to help. We know because we use them ourselves. When we post regularly to our blogs we get more search engine traffic than when we don't.

    Your Online Agency account coupled with the Levelfield Broadcast Option is the first step to getting noticed by the Search Engines. If you don't have the Levelfield Broadcast Option call us (866) 489-4889 and get it today. This month (January 2007) you can get it for $69.00 normally $169.00 and an extra month of service on your account.

    The next step is to add unique content to your website. I'm not talking about the various supplier specials that you get in the email. Promotions are important and you should add them to your website but they are not unique content. I'm talking about something that is unique one of kind. This sounds hard but here's a little tip that might help you.

    1. Create a blog
    2. Set up a link on your website to your blog
    3. Post regularly to your blog - the more the better but at least several times a month.
    4. Not sure what to post - try this approach.
      • Find 30 to 100 photos that you have taken while traveling
      • Post a blog entry about the photo and attach the photo. Make sure you mentions things like where you took the photo, the time of the year, why you were traveling, and a brief description of the photo. Mention it's colors, travel suppliers, and your personal comments. Every noun that you write is a great keyword in its natural format. And every natural keyword gives the Search Engines something to index and can help bring Search Engine users to your website.
      • Make an entry every 2-3 days and before long you should start seeing some search engine traffic.

    One thing I am sure is that if you do nothing, nothing will happen. Get busy it's going to be a great year!

    PS.  There is nothing magic about META KEYWORDS.  Most search engines don't even look at them these days. Yet we see customers being instructed by various EXPERTS to set them up.  You may want to think a bit about your META TTITLE and META DESCRIPTION but I'm betting and seeing that the real deal is the actual content of the pages. 

    A cautionary note from Google - ""Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a "special relationship" with Google, or advertise a "priority submit" to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or through the Google Sitemaps (Beta) program, and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever."

  • We still want you to blog! - Get Busy

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    Blog, Business Blogging, Levelfield Broadcast Package, Marketing, Search Engine

    We still want you to blog! If you are not you are missing out of one of the most cost effective marketing tools in the world and certainly on the Internet.

    On July 7, 2006, I posted here to introduce "Clarity - Levelfield's Small Business Blog". Since that time I have tracked the progress of the new blog in terms of views and search engines using the reports that are built into every Levelfield (TM) / OnlineAgency (TM) account.

    Here's a bit of what I am seeing.

    In terms of page views the new blog has become this website's 2nd most popular page taking 19.5% of the page views. What page is number 1? The Levelfield Broadcast Blog, of course. During the same time period, the Levelfield Broadcast Blog got 22.9% of the page views. Based on the trend however, we expect our Clarity blog to move into first place soon. However there is nothing like a bit of healthy competition. Expecially if it results in increasing the overall number of pages views and attracts new visitors to the website.

    So how has the new Clarity blog fared with the search engines? Well, on Google, it's visible on the 4th page of results when one searches for small business blog. Not the best position, but look at it this way. This blog is less than 2 months old and is showing up in the top 35 of 337 million results. check it out here

    On the MSN Search you'll find the new Clarity blog in the top 40. On Aol top 50.

    I have also found 184 references to the name of the blog, "Clarity - Levelfield's Small Business Blog". 172 listings found on Yahoo Search

    And I have found seven inbound links to the home page from external sites.

    We saw another new website, www.jeanniesamson.com that launched this past month that has been indexed and is showing up in various searches on Google and MSN. The magic - two things with this site. This is a redesigned site but has been visibile in its old format for a few months and this site is making chock full of unique content. Note that the site doesn't have hundreds of pages but just a few. No work has been done to add unique keywords or other meta tags. We don't feel that these are viable any more. Instead the content that carries the site and attracts the search engines is the page level content.

    Tip# 1: If you haven't added a blog to your account you need to get started. Blogs are free with your Levelfield (TM) / OnlineAgency (TM) accounts.

    Tip# 2: If you have more than one person in your organization you might consider adding a new blog to your website to increase the amount of unique content that you get on your website. Your Levelfield (TM) / OnlineAgency (TM) accounts have built-in support for multiple blogs

    Remember this formula:

    Unique Content = Search Engine Magnet.
    Blogs = Unique Content
    Blogs = Search Engine Magnet
  • Free Daily Jazz Downloads!

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    Blog, commentary, Marketing

    Click here for Free Daily Jazz Downloads

    Today, I added a link for free daily downloads of jazz to the Levelfield Broadcast Blog.  The music is from folks who keep the music alive - local musicians scattered across the United States and the world. Just like all business owners - small or massive, these musicians are looking for one more customer. In order to get that next customer they have offered up a sample of their music. Their hope - you like the music, you'll buy it.

    Click here for Free Daily Jazz Downloads

    I've added the link to the Levelfield Broadcast Blog for 3 reasons. I love Jazz. I want to promote the work of jazz artists, and I'm curious to see if adding the content to the blog attracts more readers.

    All business people have the same objective - getting one more customer. Combining your passions with your work helps you to attract new customers.  Whether your passion be for jazz or gardening - share your passion. Make sure your website shares your passions. One easy way is to update your blog if you have one or start one if you don't. Each Levelfield customer can create a blog. Read How

    Put yourself on your website. You'll find kindred spirits out there and perhaps that next new customer.

    Don't share your passions and you'll wonder why people don't buy from you.

    When you visit Washingtonm, DC and you happen to like jazz - check out Twins. It's the real deal. I know I've been there hundreds of times. Jazz is one of my passions.

  • The March of the Internet Travel Consumers Begins

    12/28/2005 7:47:02 AM Link |  | Add comment

    March of Travel Consumers, Marketing, Travel Agency

    Each December just after Christmas day, with visions of sugar plums fading from their heads, the damage done to the family budget, and a cold winter chill setting in, Internet travel consumers all through the land have begun their annual quest for adventure, warmer climates and relaxation in strange and wonderful places.

    Right on schedule on December 26, 2005 we saw the annual march of travel shoppers begin as they flock to the Internet and will be watching as the next couple of months unfold. We hope that you have done your planning and have your travel business geared up for this annual march of travel consumers.

  • Put Your Digital Camera to Work

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    Digital Camera, Marketing, Site Customization

    Have you ever thought about putting your digital camera to work in your business?  You don't have to be a professional photographer to take advantage of your digital camera in your marketing efforts as you work to find your next new customer. Just look for opportunities to snap a photo that somehow illustrates your work.  After all, it's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  One thing for sure your camera can help you in the ongoing task of finding new and original content for  your website.  You take a picture, you write a few comments about the picture, you post it to your website and WHOOSH you've just added new content to your website. This new content can help you attract people via search engines to  your website. And the more people you attract the more likely is that you'll find your next new customer.

    You'll find once you get started there are many things you can do with your photos. Here's one to help stimulate your imagination. Just slide your map over the pictures.

    See more more tricks like this at CSS Play by Stu
  • Thank You Sale - The Day after Thanksgiving!

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    blog, Levelfield Broadcast Package, Marketing, Site Customization, special

    Call Friday (866) 489-4889 On Friday, November 24, 2005, known as the day after Thanksgiving 2005 many of you will be shopping. Take a few minutes to make an investment in your business. Online Agency is having the biggest sale of the year to help you get your website ready for the new year! Start the new year with your best foot forward. This special offer Expires November 30, 2005. Three Ways to Save

    1. Customization Package $349 includes a complete makeover, 5 custom pages and up to 10 images, 2 months extra service, Levelfield Broadcast Option which includes Private Label Supreme. You'll save over $450 with this sale
    2. Purchase or Renew your current account for 2 years for $550 and get the Levelfield Broadcast Option for free. You'll save $379.
    3. Special BONUS get a blog site for FREE. Add a domain name for only $35 a year. Includes domain hosting - no email services or content provided.

    Time is running out for you to get ready for the New Year. Once December 26 hits the online shoppers will begin their seasonal move to the Internet looking for their next vacation. Why not greet them this year with a brand new look! Thank you! Sincerely, Jude Samson President Levelfield.com, Inc d/b/a Online Agency.com 11824 Jollyville Rd #102 Austin,TX 78759 Phone:(512) 401-9200 Fax:(512) 401-9401 SALES:(866) 489-4889 Read the Levelfield Broadcast blog regularly for information about new features, marketing tips, and specials.

  • Search Engine Optimization or good luck!

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    Levelfield Broadcast Package, Marketing, MSN, Site Customization

    This morning one of our customers reported to me that in MSN Search a link to her website for a well known cruise supplier is showing up first in the MSN search results and in another case on the first page.

    How did she do this?

    Well I'm guessing that luck is involved. Who knows exactly what and when the search engines are going to do something. However, I think there are several steps she took that certainly contributed to her good fortune.

    1. She has added keyword rich unique text to her pages.

    2. She has updated here website several times over the last 2-3 months.

    3. She has added some meta keywords and a meta description. The search engine did not display the meta descripton. The keywords were not specific to the page. I don't think they help much.

    4. She has the Levelfield Broadcast Option which includes Private Label Supreme. I don't think the Levelfield Broadcast Option made her number 1 or even got her on the first page but having this option certainly made it possible for Google, MSN, and Yahoo to index her website. Just 2 or 3 months ago she didn't have the Levelfield Broadcast Option. Now she has been indexed by the 3 primary search engines. She has not yet taken advantage of the of the Google Site Map feature.

    Click to Read more about the Levelfield Broadcast Option and how it can help you.

    One very important question:

    Will she get search engine traffic as a result of this new positioning on the search results page?

    After all it's possible to get top ranking for keywords that no one will ever use for a search. To demonstrate this I added the following phrase to one of our pages: Eightieth Waffle Mansion. If you search google and msn you'll see that phrase in the coveted number one position on the search results page. BUT who would ever search for that particular phrase.

    click to see results on MSN

    click to see results on Google

    In a month or so I'll do a follow up report to see how our customer fared with her new positioning on the search results pages. What I can say for sure is that she gets traffic from Yahoo, Google, and MSN in that order on a daily basis. The question that I have will she benefit from this placement reported here.

  • Travel Agency Blogs - rare breed

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    Blog, Marketing, Small Business, Travel Agency

    Why you should start your blog now -

    Here's something for you to consider - extremely few travel agencies are using this cost effective (FREE) line of business marketing and communications. If you want to get out in front of everone here is a way to do it now!

    It's built into your Online Agency (TM) / Levelfield (TM) account to make it very simple for you to get started. No fuss, no muss, no other software to learn or application. No extra fees!

    Let's say you sell a particular cruise line or vacation package. You've sold it to many customers and you've been on fam trips and vacations. Take your knowledge and use it to show that next perspective customer that you KNOW the product, you are the EXPERT, you have something unique to offer them. Start a blog on that subject. Then show committment to your business succes by writing at least once a week about the subject. Don't rehash everyone else stories - write about your own personal observations, experiences and those of your customers. Every word you write can lead to one new sale. don't be bashful -write write write!

    One of our customers spoke today at the Freelance Austin on Business Blogging Advantages… You can read his Blog here where he writes about why business should blog - Business Blogging Advantages… Why Should I Blog? and he has a post about Making the Commitment to Blogging.

    You've got the worlds most flexible software for your Travel Business and SMALL Business - get busy using it. Be the first on your block, in your city, perhaps your state to start a business block on YOUR AREA of expertise.

  • 55 places to put your RSS feed

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    Blog, Marketing, RSS

    55 top places to put your RSS feed
    RSS = Really Simple Syndication

    The Levelfield (TM) website comes with free blogging capability with built-in RSScapabilities. This features makes it possible for people to "subscribe" to your promotion list or blog so that they can keep up with you. You can also submit your RSS feeds to various sites as part of your campaign to get the word out!

    Need to learn more - well read Robin Good's TOP55 page where you can find out more about using RSS as part of your marketing efforts and where you can find 55 places that you can submit your RSS feeds so that you get your word out further and wider than ever before.

  • Levelfield (TM) makes Small Business Blogging Easy

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    Blog, Marketing, RSS, Small Business

    What is a blog?

    Blog Defined
    "A weblog or blog is a web-based publication of periodic articles (posts), usually presented in reverse chronological order. It is an online journal with one or many contributors." - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Blogging made easy

    Levelfield (TM) makes small business blogging easy by integrating its blogging capability right into the webpage. You don't have to know HTML, PHP, ASP, JAVA, Javascript, etc. You just get it with your Levelfield (TM) /Online Agency account. If you can point, click and write you can add one or a million blogs. Just get busy. With your Levelfield (TM) website you can set up as many "Blogs" as you wish. You cqn "publish" your blogs using RSS. One useful and cool feature is you can use your own RSS by using the Levelfield (TM) Feed Block found in the Levelfield (TM) Content Box.

    We use our own Small Business products

    As is the case with all of the software that we sell to the small business community, we use the built in blog and the RSS feed. For example our use of the RSS feed made it possible for us to double the traffic to our website in just one month.

    Will you be able to do the same?

    Perhaps. Many of the Levelfield (TM)/Online Agency (TM) customers get much more traffic to their website than we do. In each case, the small business is getting the word out powerfully by combining their successful business plan with the very affordable, capable, and flexible small business website from Levelfield (TM).

    Think content not blog!

    The Levelfield (TM) Log is an extremely powerful and easy way of adding content. You can quickly add and categorie your content complete with an image. The log pages are managed for you and can serve many purposes.

    How we use the builtin Blog/RSS

    We use the Levelfield (TM) broadcast log to announce new product features, as a way to present editoral comment, as a way to document various product features, and as a sales tool during the actual sales process.

    More Reading:
    Dan Bricklin's discusses examples of how a small business can use a blog.

  • Blogging and your business

    10/26/2005 9:50:00 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, Marketing

    Are you wondering why we talk so much about blogging? Take a few minutes to read this article written by Scott Ingram, one of our customers. Scott discusses the top 5 reasons why blogging for business is so valuable and has so much potential. Click to Read Scott Ingram's article

  • Get the word out!

    10/21/2005 8:16:48 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, Google, Marketing, Search Engine, Site Customization


    You may have noticed that we are talking a lot about blogging. That's because we are trying to get the word out about a powerful new business tool that is included free with your Levelfield(TM) / Online Agency(TM) account.

    It's one of those tools that are designed to make it easier for you to get the word out. Getting the word out always increases your potential for new business.

    Here are a couple of articles that a Levelfield customer posted on their website that might help you decide to blog today: Business Blogging - Part 1 "Do You Blog?
    Business Blogging - Part 2 "Why Blog?"

    Here's a search that shows you one important fact:
    Search engines love your unique content. Increase your business potential! Get the word out.
    Google Search: levelfield.com blog

  • Add categories to your BLOG

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    blog, Marketing, New Feature, Search Engine, Site Customization

    © clipart.com

    While I was working on our Levelfield Broadcast Blog - I realized that I wanted to start categorizing my posts. I started to try this by adding something to the title but this was wonkey. But then I realized that we could just add categories to the blog and be done with it. This is a very powerful organization feature and I'm waiting to see who does magical things with it.

    Now you can add CATEGORIES to your blog postings.

    Give YOUR VISITORS the ability to browse your unique blogs by CATEGORY.

    To see these categories in use look between the title and the content and you'll see the categories. In this case:

    blog, Marketing, New Feature, Search Engine, Site Customization

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see the categories list there as well. Each category becomes another page for your site Visitors to read and for Search Engines to find.

    If you are using a BLOG on your website let us know. Send us your url even if it's not the one built into your account. Who knows we might post it somewhere for you so you have one more link back to your website.

    If you haven't added a blog you should get started right now. The UNIQUE CONTENT that you add when creating a blog is just what the search engines want to see.

    My personal blog is now getting search engine hits. What am I doing special - nothing really just writing something every now and then.

    Those words you write today might be the best investment you can make of your time if they happen to pull in a big new customer. Given that the number one problem for all businesses, large or small, is to find that next new customer, don't you owe it to yourself to add some new content today?

  • HOW TO: Did you blog today?

    10/18/2005 2:18:10 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, How to, Marketing

    © Photographer: Rudi Jetten | Agency: Dreamstime.com

    All Levelfield/Online Agency users have a blog. It's an easy way to periodically add content to your website. A blog is a log or journal on your web site that you can use to easily report on events or post information for your customers or friends, the term "blog" is short for weblog. The blog is automatically formatted with a bold header a date stamp (you can turn off if need be) that indicates an ongoing dialog. On the Online Agency editing platform the feature is labled with a yellow "log" button . Editing the log is simple as clicking the button and typing in text. You can also add images and HTML if you wish to do so. How to Add the Blog Block to a Page To create a blog block on your page you must first convert a body on a page to a content box: The blog block will be available for selection in the content box, it is called a "log". For instructions to convert a body to a content box use this link: Documentation How to add a Post to a Log After the Log Block has been added to the page in the Content Box, will have a "Log" button on your page to Post or Edit a Log. Click the yellow "Log" button: Type in a Title for a Bold Header for your Log. Type in and format your text in the "Post" field. To add an Image click on the green image button at the bottom. To add links or format the text, you can use HTML tags. Check the "Hide date/time on posts" field to remove the date time from the log. How to Add the Blog Block to a Page How to Edit an Existing Post in a Log You can go back and make corrections or update an existing log on your page by going into the log block and selecting "search posts". Click the yellow "Log" button - . Click "Search Posts" in the upper right side in the blue bar. Click the name of the Post, this will reopen it for editing. Click the green "Save" button or "cancel" button at the bottom right to finish.

  • Web Goobly goo - Blog RSS Promotion RSS XML

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    Blog, Marketing, New Feature, Search Engine

    We have added in a few new feature that may help you spread the word about your website. We've had blogging capability built into your website for some time. It's a an easy way to add content to your website.

    Now we have added in the ability to easily syndicate your blog. [examplelink]. The technology behind the syndication is called RSS. As time allows we'll extend this capaiblity to your promotions, product catalogs and so on.

    The feature is available free to anyone who has the Private Label Supreme option for your Online Agency account or anyone who has an Levelfield Small Business account.

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