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Tip: Enhance your blog and websites. Add your photographs

  • Open letter from your website.

    8/9/2007 8:04:20 PM Link |  | Add comment

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    Open letter from your website.

    Hey, I miss you. Where have you been. Don't you love me?

    I see some of the other websites in my neighborhod with owners who visit with them frequently. They feed them new great content. Many people crusing the internet come visit to check out the added value on the website that was placed by the site's owners and the valuable content that gives the visitors a reason to keep coming back to the web site.

     I don't get any visitors not even from  you. The search engines come by frequently and I just shake my head sadly, they shrug and pass me by.  I can tell they want to index me but I have nothing for them. Please help me dear site owner. I need some new content from you.

    Hey,  didn't you go on that trip with your digitial camera. Why don't you share some of your trip with me. I'd love to see the pictures on my pages.  It would give me something to brag about to the other web sites.  And it wold make me feel so pretty with those colorful photos adorning my pages. I just know that I can help you - just feed me please.

    I get jealous when the other sites tell me how many visitors they got today.  One of them actually gets a blog post every day from their site owner.  I can tell their owner cares for them and is very smart. They always have something new to share on their website. And they always have new people visiting them coming in on the search engines.

    Well, that's it for now. I hope you come see me today. I really miss you.


    Your web site,

    P.S.  I  have a super duper built in blog that you could use. Wouldn't that be cool? You could come visit me regularly and we could have so much fun.   The blog told me that it was very easy to use and would help me get more web visitors.  The blog also told me a secret. Your competitors use blogs. That's not good is it? Doesn't that mean they might get more site visitors?  The blog also told me that it had something very cool going on next week. I guess that won't matter to me if you don't come visit.  Any way bye for now. I'm going to take a nap. Nothing else to do.

  • Adding images to your website

    3/5/2007 12:01:57 PM Link |  | Add comment

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    Blue Sky - White Clounds

    Travel websites need to be very visual. The best way to add this depth is to take your own photos every time you travel anywhere.  You'll be surprised at how quickly your own collection of good images builds up. And you have an extra bonus - you own the photos and in general can do with them as you will. Plus the photos and commentary on the photos are great ways to add unique content to your website.  As we are known to say - good content helps attract search engine users.

    If you don't have a camera or need a photo for a place you haven't been here's a place where you can buy photos from $2.50 to $1.00.  The more you buy at one time the cheaper.

  • Put Your Digital Camera to Work

    12/19/2005 1:27:28 PM Link |  | Add comment

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    Have you ever thought about putting your digital camera to work in your business?  You don't have to be a professional photographer to take advantage of your digital camera in your marketing efforts as you work to find your next new customer. Just look for opportunities to snap a photo that somehow illustrates your work.  After all, it's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  One thing for sure your camera can help you in the ongoing task of finding new and original content for  your website.  You take a picture, you write a few comments about the picture, you post it to your website and WHOOSH you've just added new content to your website. This new content can help you attract people via search engines to  your website. And the more people you attract the more likely is that you'll find your next new customer.

    You'll find once you get started there are many things you can do with your photos. Here's one to help stimulate your imagination. Just slide your map over the pictures.

    See more more tricks like this at CSS Play by Stu
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