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  • Free Site subission to Google, MSN, and Yahoo

    3/14/2007 10:34:35 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Marketing, Search Engine, Search Engines

    Recently, we told you how to check your website to see if it had been indexed. If you found that you were not indexed by the search engines you may want to submit your name to the big three search engines.

    Here are the links for free submission to Yahoo, Google, and MSN. We include these because this is where the lion's share of traffic originates. Note that no search engine guarantees that your website will be included in its search index but as the old saying goes - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Submit your website to MSN Search

    Submit your website to Google

    Submit your website to Yahoo
    Requires free Registration
  • Has my website been indexed?

    3/12/2007 4:25:10 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Marketing, Search Engine

    From time to time folks ask us if their website has been indexed.  It's pretty easy to check.

    Copy the following links and paste them into your Internet browser. Make sure you replace PUTYOURDOMAINHERE with your actual domain name.


    We also have an test page that might work for you. Check your website

  • Adding images to your website

    3/5/2007 12:01:57 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Digital Camera, Images, Search Engines, Site Customization

    Blue Sky - White Clounds

    Travel websites need to be very visual. The best way to add this depth is to take your own photos every time you travel anywhere.  You'll be surprised at how quickly your own collection of good images builds up. And you have an extra bonus - you own the photos and in general can do with them as you will. Plus the photos and commentary on the photos are great ways to add unique content to your website.  As we are known to say - good content helps attract search engine users.

    If you don't have a camera or need a photo for a place you haven't been here's a place where you can buy photos from $2.50 to $1.00.  The more you buy at one time the cheaper.

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