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  • NEW ---> Window to the world

    5/24/2006 2:37:47 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Content Box, Feature Enhancement, How To, New Feature, Site Customization

    The OnlineAgency system has built in support to make the use of IFRAMES easy.  Think of a IFRAME as a window on your webpage. Online Agency users will find this feature useful for linking up to some of the affiliate programs. Using the IFRAME can make the 3rd party information fit better into your website

    Click on the examples

    Click to see example

    Levelfield Customer Comment Documentation

    More cool things in an iframe

  • Online Agency Website has a new design

    5/23/2006 8:47:28 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Site Customization

    We figured that after several years it was time to update the look on the OnlineAgency (TM) website.. We built it using the same tools that you have as an Levelfield (TM) / OnlineAgency (TM) member. 

    If you are interested in any of the techniques let us know.

    Be sure and tell us what you think.

  • Google Sitemap Generator

    5/19/2006 8:27:32 AM Link |  | Add comment

    In case you didn't know or had forgotten the Levelfield Broadcast package includes access to the Google Sitemap Generator.  This feature is only available to those who have the Levelfield Broadcast package.  This great package combines several important features into one affordable bundle and it is yours for as long as you have an Online Agency account.

    This month we are featuring this product and have a special price of only $99 (regular price is 169). Call today to lock in this special price - 866 489-4889   Ask  your sales representative how you can the Levelfield Broadcast Package for free.

    The package is built around the Private Label Supreme option that removes your website from a frameset, brands each link in the site with your domain name, and makes your website very search engine friendly. Along with this we will include the Google Sitemap creator which allows you to create and submit a site map of your website to Google and then to easily update the sitemap as you change your pages. Plus we'll upgrade your newsletter so that you can create and save for reuse your newsletter campaigns. You also get the Levelfield Comment module. This package is design to work all the time for you. And it keeps getting better.


  • Online Agency - Tell us what you are thinking

    5/16/2006 9:30:25 AM Link |  | Add comment

    We've added a customer comment section to our Online Agency website. It is similiar to the one that you can have if you have the Levelfield Broadcast Package.  We look forward to hearing from you.

    Check it out

  • What if your customers could post their comments easily on your website

    5/9/2006 12:57:36 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Feature Enhancement, How To, Levelfield Broadcast Package, New Feature, Site Customization

    Click to read more
    Customer Comment Module

    What if your customers could post their comments easily on your website! What if you wanted to be able to approve the comments before they automatically were displayed on your website? What if you could get this feature added at no cost to your website?

    Wait no longer! We have added a new feature, the Levelfield Customer Comment Module, for everyone who has the Levelfield Broadcast Package.

    What is the Levelfield Customer Comment Module?

    The Levelfield Customer Comment module allows you to feature approved customer comments on your Levelfield site. For the customer, it means they can come to your site and submit a comment and after you approve it then it will appear on the site. For you, this can serve as one more way to communicate and interact with your customers. They can submit a comment and after you approve it you can put it on the site, showing them your appreciation. This new feature will be a part of our Levelfield content boxes and can also appear on a stand-alone page as well. You will have the flexibility to decide exactly where you want your comment box featured on the sit.

    Click here to see how you can add the Levelfield Customer Comment Module to your website.

    What is the Levelfield Broadcast Package?

    The package is built around the Private Label Supreme option that removes your website from a frameset, brands each link in the site with your domain name, and makes your website very search engine friendly. Plus we'll upgrade your newsletter so that you can create and save for reuse your newsletter campaigns. And from time to time, you will get certain new features at no cost like the Levelfield Customer Comment Module! Pay once and it keeps on going for you.

    If you don't have the Levelfield Broadcast Package, May is a good month to add it. You can get it at no cost with certain upgrades. Or if you prefer you can purchase the Levelfield Broadcast Package for the one time price of only $99. Plus we'll give you an extra month of service. Our regular price is $169. Save at least $140 in May.

    Click here to read more about the Levelfield Broadcast Package.

    Call now Toll Free 866 489-4889 to lock in your savings.



  • Free Daily Jazz Downloads!

    5/7/2006 5:22:19 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, commentary, Marketing

    Click here for Free Daily Jazz Downloads

    Today, I added a link for free daily downloads of jazz to the Levelfield Broadcast Blog.  The music is from folks who keep the music alive - local musicians scattered across the United States and the world. Just like all business owners - small or massive, these musicians are looking for one more customer. In order to get that next customer they have offered up a sample of their music. Their hope - you like the music, you'll buy it.

    Click here for Free Daily Jazz Downloads

    I've added the link to the Levelfield Broadcast Blog for 3 reasons. I love Jazz. I want to promote the work of jazz artists, and I'm curious to see if adding the content to the blog attracts more readers.

    All business people have the same objective - getting one more customer. Combining your passions with your work helps you to attract new customers.  Whether your passion be for jazz or gardening - share your passion. Make sure your website shares your passions. One easy way is to update your blog if you have one or start one if you don't. Each Levelfield customer can create a blog. Read How

    Put yourself on your website. You'll find kindred spirits out there and perhaps that next new customer.

    Don't share your passions and you'll wonder why people don't buy from you.

    When you visit Washingtonm, DC and you happen to like jazz - check out Twins. It's the real deal. I know I've been there hundreds of times. Jazz is one of my passions.

  • News Flash - The world is round

    5/5/2006 9:22:37 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Site Customization

    O you knew that!   But our webpages didn't.

     We are working on a technique that will allow you to have rounded corners on your web page. Not sure what I'm talking about. Take a look at the example:

    Example  Click around the demo site you'll see that the rounded corners are beginning to show up through out the system. We've not decided exactly how we will implement this for you but this working demonstration will let you see what's possible. The example has only been tested in IE which represents so many folks who use your websites. However, we will make it look ok in Firefox as well as other browsers.

    Want to learn more about the roundification of website corners:

    Read This

    Want to know even more

    Google Search: rounded corners

    Warning: the system still doesn't know much about rounded corners and other visualization tricks but we are teaching it. Stay tuned.

  • A written word is the choicest of relics

    5/3/2006 8:54:46 PM Link |  | Add comment

    New Feature, Site Customization

    "A written word is the choicest of relics." -Heny David Thorea Google

    A picture is worth a thousand words...

    What happens when you combine the written word with a picture? '

    Click here to find out and to make your own sign.


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