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  • Thank You Sale - The Day after Thanksgiving!

    11/24/2005 9:30:44 AM Link |  | Add comment

    blog, Levelfield Broadcast Package, Marketing, Site Customization, special

    Call Friday (866) 489-4889 On Friday, November 24, 2005, known as the day after Thanksgiving 2005 many of you will be shopping. Take a few minutes to make an investment in your business. Online Agency is having the biggest sale of the year to help you get your website ready for the new year! Start the new year with your best foot forward. This special offer Expires November 30, 2005. Three Ways to Save

    1. Customization Package $349 includes a complete makeover, 5 custom pages and up to 10 images, 2 months extra service, Levelfield Broadcast Option which includes Private Label Supreme. You'll save over $450 with this sale
    2. Purchase or Renew your current account for 2 years for $550 and get the Levelfield Broadcast Option for free. You'll save $379.
    3. Special BONUS get a blog site for FREE. Add a domain name for only $35 a year. Includes domain hosting - no email services or content provided.

    Time is running out for you to get ready for the New Year. Once December 26 hits the online shoppers will begin their seasonal move to the Internet looking for their next vacation. Why not greet them this year with a brand new look! Thank you! Sincerely, Jude Samson President Levelfield.com, Inc d/b/a Online Agency.com 11824 Jollyville Rd #102 Austin,TX 78759 Phone:(512) 401-9200 Fax:(512) 401-9401 SALES:(866) 489-4889 Read the Levelfield Broadcast blog regularly for information about new features, marketing tips, and specials.

  • Search Engine Optimization or good luck!

    11/23/2005 8:40:27 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Levelfield Broadcast Package, Marketing, MSN, Site Customization

    This morning one of our customers reported to me that in MSN Search a link to her website for a well known cruise supplier is showing up first in the MSN search results and in another case on the first page.

    How did she do this?

    Well I'm guessing that luck is involved. Who knows exactly what and when the search engines are going to do something. However, I think there are several steps she took that certainly contributed to her good fortune.

    1. She has added keyword rich unique text to her pages.

    2. She has updated here website several times over the last 2-3 months.

    3. She has added some meta keywords and a meta description. The search engine did not display the meta descripton. The keywords were not specific to the page. I don't think they help much.

    4. She has the Levelfield Broadcast Option which includes Private Label Supreme. I don't think the Levelfield Broadcast Option made her number 1 or even got her on the first page but having this option certainly made it possible for Google, MSN, and Yahoo to index her website. Just 2 or 3 months ago she didn't have the Levelfield Broadcast Option. Now she has been indexed by the 3 primary search engines. She has not yet taken advantage of the of the Google Site Map feature.

    Click to Read more about the Levelfield Broadcast Option and how it can help you.

    One very important question:

    Will she get search engine traffic as a result of this new positioning on the search results page?

    After all it's possible to get top ranking for keywords that no one will ever use for a search. To demonstrate this I added the following phrase to one of our pages: Eightieth Waffle Mansion. If you search google and msn you'll see that phrase in the coveted number one position on the search results page. BUT who would ever search for that particular phrase.

    click to see results on MSN

    click to see results on Google

    In a month or so I'll do a follow up report to see how our customer fared with her new positioning on the search results pages. What I can say for sure is that she gets traffic from Yahoo, Google, and MSN in that order on a daily basis. The question that I have will she benefit from this placement reported here.

  • New feature added support for Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

    11/22/2005 11:25:59 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Image, New Feature, PNG, Upload

    PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a lossless bitmap image format if you are interested technically. For most of us its just another graphics format that you may have and can now upload and use with your Levelfield (TM) / Online Agency (TM) account.

  • Travel Agency gets indexed by Google, MSN, and Yahoo in less than 2 months

    11/19/2005 3:06:02 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, Search Engine, Special, Travel Agency

    @ Clipart.com

    I was working with one of the Online Agency customers today and saw that their website had been indexed by Google, MSN, and Yahoo. And they only signed up in September, 2005.

    The magic?

    The customer has created about 45 pages of their own content including a blog and their own promotions, and they have the Levelfield Broadcast Option.

    The end of the year is rapidly approaching and you want to make sure your site is ready for the wave. If you don't yet have Levelfield Broadcast Option get it now while the price is low. We are offering the Levelfield Broadcast Option for a one time fee of $129. But hurry this price is going up at the first of the year.

    Be one of the first 20 callers to purchase this option on Monday November 21, 2005 and we'll make this great upgrade even better. We'll add 30 days of service to your account. Call Toll Free 866 489-4889 and add the Levelfield Broadcast Option.

    Read more about the Levelfield Broadcast Option

    This offer is only valid on Monday November 21, 2005

  • Using Templates with your Webmail.

    11/17/2005 3:32:14 PM Link |  | Add comment

    How to, New Feature, Webmail

    Each Hosted Levelfield (TM) / Online Agency (TM) account comes with email. Did you know that you also have webmail for those times when you are away from the office for an extended period. Or if you are like me for daily use?

    Did you know that you can create templates for your webmail to assist you when sending multiple, repetitive emails, like a notification that your website has changed.

    These templates can include a signature (if you would not like to use the one that displays on every message) and any other Message text you would like to send repeatedly, or to use multiple signatures for different kinds of recipients (customers, vendors, personal, etc.)

    The webmail template feature is included FREE with your account. Make sure you are taking advantage of it. How to Use You Webmail Templates

  • 66 Blogs!

    11/15/2005 5:21:43 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, Member Associations, Site Customization, Small Business

    Welcome to all the new bloggers out there. So far 66 blogs have been created. Keep up the good work. Make sure you add a new entry today. AND for those of you who have not create a blog yet - get busy. Who knows your next customer just might find your website because of your blog.

  • Upload Many Images at the Same Time!

    11/15/2005 5:01:07 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Images, New Feature

    Now you can upload many images at the same time. If you work a lot with images this will save you time. If you have been avooiding uploading those images from your latest FAM trip or from your last trade show now is the time. Its easier than ever. NO CHARGE to you! Its FREE with your account. Enjoy! Interesting Note: I uploaded the ACTUAL images used in this post with this the bulk upload tool. Log into your account. Click on the site menu item . When the next page loads click on the green upload button. On the next page click on the "bulk image uploader" link. On the next page you'll be prompted to let the uploader load in your browser. Normally this will be the only time you will have to "load" the uploader.

  • Small Image - Large Image

    11/14/2005 9:28:44 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Images, New Feature, Site Customization

    click to see larger image

    When you select an image for use on a page, you can now link automatically to a new page that contains a larger version fo the image along with Title and Description. Just click on the image to the left to see how this works.

  • Travel Agency Blogs - rare breed

    11/9/2005 10:28:07 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, Marketing, Small Business, Travel Agency

    Why you should start your blog now -

    Here's something for you to consider - extremely few travel agencies are using this cost effective (FREE) line of business marketing and communications. If you want to get out in front of everone here is a way to do it now!

    It's built into your Online Agency (TM) / Levelfield (TM) account to make it very simple for you to get started. No fuss, no muss, no other software to learn or application. No extra fees!

    Let's say you sell a particular cruise line or vacation package. You've sold it to many customers and you've been on fam trips and vacations. Take your knowledge and use it to show that next perspective customer that you KNOW the product, you are the EXPERT, you have something unique to offer them. Start a blog on that subject. Then show committment to your business succes by writing at least once a week about the subject. Don't rehash everyone else stories - write about your own personal observations, experiences and those of your customers. Every word you write can lead to one new sale. don't be bashful -write write write!

    One of our customers spoke today at the Freelance Austin on Business Blogging Advantages… You can read his Blog here where he writes about why business should blog - Business Blogging Advantages… Why Should I Blog? and he has a post about Making the Commitment to Blogging.

    You've got the worlds most flexible software for your Travel Business and SMALL Business - get busy using it. Be the first on your block, in your city, perhaps your state to start a business block on YOUR AREA of expertise.

  • Levelfield (TM) Blog now has PERMALINK

    11/9/2005 7:28:09 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, New Feature

    We made it easier for you or others to reference one of your blog entries by adding a new permalink feature. You can see the permalink on this post - just look for the "link" next to to the date and time.

    What is a PERMALINK?

    A permalink is a link that will always be good for your blog entry. As you may have noticed the actual blog entry tends to move around. First it shows up in the blog, As time goes by the entry will drop in the blog list until one day it is not visible. At this point the blog entry is grouped with blogs for a given month.

    This is good and bad. It's good because you are freed up from lots of maintenance on your website. It's bad because people looking for your blog entry might not be able to find it. That's where permalinks come in. They are a "permanent" link to the entry no matter where the blog post actually ends up.

    If you want to read more about PERMALINK click here

    We also updated the RSS feed code so that it will have the correct date on it. This makes it work better with various RSS readers.

    Did you know that the levelfield.com RSS Feed reader supports RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0?

  • November 2005 Online Agency Update Hits the wires

    11/8/2005 2:43:44 PM Link |  | Add comment


    Levelfield Offices

    The November 2005 Online Agency Update Hits the wires. You probably have it now in your email box. We've also put it online for you to reading convenience.

  • 55 places to put your RSS feed

    11/6/2005 6:01:10 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, Marketing, RSS

    55 top places to put your RSS feed
    RSS = Really Simple Syndication

    The Levelfield (TM) website comes with free blogging capability with built-in RSScapabilities. This features makes it possible for people to "subscribe" to your promotion list or blog so that they can keep up with you. You can also submit your RSS feeds to various sites as part of your campaign to get the word out!

    Need to learn more - well read Robin Good's TOP55 page where you can find out more about using RSS as part of your marketing efforts and where you can find 55 places that you can submit your RSS feeds so that you get your word out further and wider than ever before.

  • Levelfield (TM) makes Small Business Blogging Easy

    11/5/2005 6:37:12 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, Marketing, RSS, Small Business

    What is a blog?

    Blog Defined
    "A weblog or blog is a web-based publication of periodic articles (posts), usually presented in reverse chronological order. It is an online journal with one or many contributors." - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Blogging made easy

    Levelfield (TM) makes small business blogging easy by integrating its blogging capability right into the webpage. You don't have to know HTML, PHP, ASP, JAVA, Javascript, etc. You just get it with your Levelfield (TM) /Online Agency account. If you can point, click and write you can add one or a million blogs. Just get busy. With your Levelfield (TM) website you can set up as many "Blogs" as you wish. You cqn "publish" your blogs using RSS. One useful and cool feature is you can use your own RSS by using the Levelfield (TM) Feed Block found in the Levelfield (TM) Content Box.

    We use our own Small Business products

    As is the case with all of the software that we sell to the small business community, we use the built in blog and the RSS feed. For example our use of the RSS feed made it possible for us to double the traffic to our website in just one month.

    Will you be able to do the same?

    Perhaps. Many of the Levelfield (TM)/Online Agency (TM) customers get much more traffic to their website than we do. In each case, the small business is getting the word out powerfully by combining their successful business plan with the very affordable, capable, and flexible small business website from Levelfield (TM).

    Think content not blog!

    The Levelfield (TM) Log is an extremely powerful and easy way of adding content. You can quickly add and categorie your content complete with an image. The log pages are managed for you and can serve many purposes.

    How we use the builtin Blog/RSS

    We use the Levelfield (TM) broadcast log to announce new product features, as a way to present editoral comment, as a way to document various product features, and as a sales tool during the actual sales process.

    More Reading:
    Dan Bricklin's discusses examples of how a small business can use a blog.

  • More Search List formatting options added!

    11/4/2005 4:00:44 PM Link |  | Add comment

    New Feature, Site Customization

    We added 2 new formatting options today. 1. You can change the look for your even and odd rows in the search results.
    If you are wondering about the colors use on the example site. You might want to click on Site - Style and check out the Palettes, Font and CSS buttons to see more customization options.

  • New Search List formatting options added.

    11/3/2005 3:34:27 PM Link |  | Add comment

    New Feature, Site Customization

    We added in new formatting capabilities for the search lists - the Box View. Here's what you need to do if you wish to check out this feature. 1. Log into your Levelfield (TM) / Onlineagency (TM) account. 2. Click on the SITES menu
    the system will display a new page 3. Click on the PREFERENCES menu
    the system will display the General preferences page The new feature can be found at the very top where you select the preferred view for search results. You can also set the Maximum image size in search results box view. Note: the maximum size will not make the image larger than it is but will allow you to size it up to its actual size.
    Note: Column view not available for all search pages. Click to see example While you are looking at the preference page take a look at the other 23 preferences that you might not know about. Rumour has it that the Online Agency (TM) system is the world's most flexible and configurable system for the travel industry. The General preferences pages gives you 25 reasons why this is so. If you are wondering about the colors use on the example site. You might want to click on Site - Style and check out the Palettes, Font and CSS buttons to see more customization options.

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