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  • Weekend Challenge

    10/28/2005 7:44:41 AM Link |  | Add comment


    This weekend take a few minutes for your business I challenge you to starting learning something new about your Levelfield (TM)/Online Agency (TM) account.

    Log into your Levelfield (TM)/Online Agency (TM) account and do something that you have never done - Create a page, upload an image, use a Levelfield Content Block, create a blog, create a promotion, check your statistics, add an email account, check out all the extras, go in and select a new supplier. You’ll be amazed how quickly you learn when you are doing.

    Have a wonderfully healthy and prosperous month.
    May you live a century, learn a century.

  • What's your preference

    10/27/2005 2:22:53 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Chambers of Commerce, Events, Member Associations, New Feature, RSS

    If your Chamber of Commerce account, Member Association account, Travel Agency account or Small Business account has the event calendar activated you might want to check out the new set of preferences we've added. Log into your account, click on the SITE menu. When the next page opens where you can click on the PREFERENCE menu option. When the next page page opens you can click on the EVENTS button. Here are the preferences you can set.

    1. You can set the default search results to show all events or only the current month.
    2. You can set the search results to show all future events and not just those for the current month
    3. You can hide past events so that they don't appear in search results
    4. You can activate the RSS feed for your events

  • Blogging and your business

    10/26/2005 9:50:00 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, Marketing

    Are you wondering why we talk so much about blogging? Take a few minutes to read this article written by Scott Ingram, one of our customers. Scott discusses the top 5 reasons why blogging for business is so valuable and has so much potential. Click to Read Scott Ingram's article

  • Added RSS feeds for Promotions and Event Calendar

    10/25/2005 11:52:59 AM Link |  | Add comment

    New Feature, RSS

    More ways to get the word out. You can now use RSS feeds to syndicate your promotions and event calendars.

    Here's a tidbit for you. According to Yahoo, more than 27% of Internet users are using RSS feeds but only 5% know that they are. The good news is that your Levelfield (TM) / Online Agency (TM) website comes equipped so that you can take advantage of this technology when you are ready.

    Yahoo RSS White paper

    Yahoo RSS White paper Summary

  • Get the word out!

    10/21/2005 8:16:48 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, Google, Marketing, Search Engine, Site Customization


    You may have noticed that we are talking a lot about blogging. That's because we are trying to get the word out about a powerful new business tool that is included free with your Levelfield(TM) / Online Agency(TM) account.

    It's one of those tools that are designed to make it easier for you to get the word out. Getting the word out always increases your potential for new business.

    Here are a couple of articles that a Levelfield customer posted on their website that might help you decide to blog today: Business Blogging - Part 1 "Do You Blog?
    Business Blogging - Part 2 "Why Blog?"

    Here's a search that shows you one important fact:
    Search engines love your unique content. Increase your business potential! Get the word out.
    Google Search: levelfield.com blog

  • Add categories to your BLOG

    10/20/2005 4:33:54 PM Link |  | Add comment

    blog, Marketing, New Feature, Search Engine, Site Customization

    © clipart.com

    While I was working on our Levelfield Broadcast Blog - I realized that I wanted to start categorizing my posts. I started to try this by adding something to the title but this was wonkey. But then I realized that we could just add categories to the blog and be done with it. This is a very powerful organization feature and I'm waiting to see who does magical things with it.

    Now you can add CATEGORIES to your blog postings.

    Give YOUR VISITORS the ability to browse your unique blogs by CATEGORY.

    To see these categories in use look between the title and the content and you'll see the categories. In this case:

    blog, Marketing, New Feature, Search Engine, Site Customization

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see the categories list there as well. Each category becomes another page for your site Visitors to read and for Search Engines to find.

    If you are using a BLOG on your website let us know. Send us your url even if it's not the one built into your account. Who knows we might post it somewhere for you so you have one more link back to your website.

    If you haven't added a blog you should get started right now. The UNIQUE CONTENT that you add when creating a blog is just what the search engines want to see.

    My personal blog is now getting search engine hits. What am I doing special - nothing really just writing something every now and then.

    Those words you write today might be the best investment you can make of your time if they happen to pull in a big new customer. Given that the number one problem for all businesses, large or small, is to find that next new customer, don't you owe it to yourself to add some new content today?

  • HOW TO: Did you blog today?

    10/18/2005 2:18:10 PM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, How to, Marketing

    © Photographer: Rudi Jetten | Agency: Dreamstime.com

    All Levelfield/Online Agency users have a blog. It's an easy way to periodically add content to your website. A blog is a log or journal on your web site that you can use to easily report on events or post information for your customers or friends, the term "blog" is short for weblog. The blog is automatically formatted with a bold header a date stamp (you can turn off if need be) that indicates an ongoing dialog. On the Online Agency editing platform the feature is labled with a yellow "log" button . Editing the log is simple as clicking the button and typing in text. You can also add images and HTML if you wish to do so. How to Add the Blog Block to a Page To create a blog block on your page you must first convert a body on a page to a content box: The blog block will be available for selection in the content box, it is called a "log". For instructions to convert a body to a content box use this link: Documentation How to add a Post to a Log After the Log Block has been added to the page in the Content Box, will have a "Log" button on your page to Post or Edit a Log. Click the yellow "Log" button: Type in a Title for a Bold Header for your Log. Type in and format your text in the "Post" field. To add an Image click on the green image button at the bottom. To add links or format the text, you can use HTML tags. Check the "Hide date/time on posts" field to remove the date time from the log. How to Add the Blog Block to a Page How to Edit an Existing Post in a Log You can go back and make corrections or update an existing log on your page by going into the log block and selecting "search posts". Click the yellow "Log" button - . Click "Search Posts" in the upper right side in the blue bar. Click the name of the Post, this will reopen it for editing. Click the green "Save" button or "cancel" button at the bottom right to finish.

  • Have a good weekend!

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  • Site Look and Feel - New Display Preference

    10/13/2005 8:49:48 AM Link |  | Add comment

    New Feature, Site Customization

    Site - Preferences - Display Options

    We added a new display preferences for the info box for Cruise Ship Detail pages. This display option is particularly useful for those Ships with dozens of itineraries. You can put the info box before the itineraries so that it is easier to see.

    You can find this preference when you log by clicking on Site and the Preferences. Look for the Section called Display toward the bottom of the page.

  • New Package - Levelfield Broadcast Option regularly $169.00

    10/11/2005 8:06:59 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Levelfield Broadcast Package, New Feature, Special

    This great new package combines several important features into one affordable bundle and it is yours for as long as you have an Online Agency account. Great news If you have Private Label Supreme you will get this package for free. Just check your dashboard to see if you have a link that reads: Generate Google sitemap. If you don't have Private Label Supreme find out how you can get it along with these exciting new options. The package is built around the Private Label Supreme option that removes your website from a frameset, brands each link in the site with your domain name, and makes your website very search engine friendly. Along with this we will include the Google Sitemap creator which allows you to create and submit a site map of your website to Google and then to easily update the sitemap as you change your pages. Plus we'll upgrade your newsletter so that you can create and save for reuse your newsletter campaigns. Broadcast Your Brand 1. Allows you to brand each link in your website with your domain name. Removes your domain from a frameset making it easier for Search engines to crawl your branded website. Broadcast your content 2. Make your site more search engine friendly. 3. Option to submit your site map to Google (requires a Google account). Indexes only the pages that you have created or versions that you have made. Doesn't index the Online Agency content. 4. Ability to create Really Simple Syndication feeds for submission of you blog to directories and to other websites. 5. Ability to create RSS feeds for your promotions. (Some say that RSS will eventually replace email marketing.) Broadcast your message 5. Email Newsletter enhancement that allows you to create and save your newsletter campaigns. Plus you'll be able to send more than one newsletter. Important Note: We can't and don't guarantee any search engine results after all the search engines themselves don't guarantee inclusion. Here's what google has to say on site submission: "We add and update new sites to our index each time we crawl the web, and we invite you to submit your URL here. We do not add all submitted URLs to our index, and we cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or if they will appear." All major search engines say something similiar. For example, Yahoo charges a $300 fee for consideration of your website for inclusion into their directory with no guarantee of anything other than they will process your request. Given this caveat, the trend that we see is that sites with the Private Label Supreme option usually have better results with the search engines than those without. The private label suprememe option makes it easier for Google, Yahoo, and MSN to index the pages that you create. Recently, I've been working with one travel agency who didn't have the Private Label Supreme option. She added it to her account and now Google has indexed her 443 pages from here website. Remember you are the crucial element to your success. you can't buy success but you can build success. Create a plan and then work your plan. The Levelfield Broadcast Option will help but only if you work your plan. If you are interested in getting this add on option. Call Louie or Jason in our sales department today - Toll Free 866 489-4889 to get our introductory special for the Levelfield Broadcast Option of $129.00. Hurry the introductory price ends on October 31, 2005.

  • Webmail Features

    10/10/2005 4:13:35 PM Link |  | Add comment

    New Feature, Webmail

    We are consolidating all our annoucements into the Levelfield Broadcast Blog. Here's a list of features that we added to the webmail services in September. If you don't see these features you may not be using the new system. Contact support for more information. Check out the various options that are available to you now by clicking on the OPTIONS link at the top of the page once you log in to webmail. Pick where you save "sent" messages. Useful if you need to keep track of mail sent by customer. Forward or reply from the list of emails. Pick links, icons, links and icons, or buttons for the menu items at the top of the screen. Select two items from the list, click "select range", and all items between the two become selected. This is useful if you want to delete or modify message status of a bunch of messages quickly. You can also change your select range preferences to support selecting "multiple ranges". For example, you select message one, then message five, then click "select range". You select message eight and message twelve, then click "select range". You now have messages 1-5 *and* 8-12 selected. Enabled shift-clicking. Keep track of dates using the Calendar feature to the webmail with month view and day view. Events can be created, deleted and updated. You can also place a small calendar in the folder area. See Options for settings. Address book Import-Export Import address books from a CSV (comma separated values) file. Located at the bottom of the "Addresses" section. Auto Login: Ability to log in without retyping email address and password. DO NOT USE IN PUBLIC SETTING. Bounce: Resend an email preserving the headers. Email Sent Confirmation: Provides a variety of ways to see tha email has been sent plus a new feature to add addressee to address book. Enhanced Composition: Streamlined tab sequence when writing emails. Show Headers: Ability to show custom headers Add Address: Add the From Address to your address book, via a small link next to the From Address. Auto Completion: Automatically fill in nickname/email address while filling in your To/Cc/Bcc fields. Bookmarks: Keep track of your important Internet links. HTML Editor: Send colorful emails. Quick Save:Saves a copy of your message just in case you leave the compose form by accident. Message Highlighting: Based upon given criteria, incoming messages can have different background colors in the message list. This helps to easily distinguish who the messages are from, especially for mailing lists. New Mail Notifications: Configure settings for playing sounds and/or showing popup windows when new mail arrives. Notes: Create notes, for easy reminders or quick saving of information for future use. Preview Pane: Use a third frame below the message list for viewing message bodies Random Signature Taglines: Append a randomly selected tagline to the user's signature. Spelling Check: Cannt spel? No problem. Templates: Create text templates to quickly add to your emails Weather: How cold? how hot? Rain or Shine? Support: Send a note to the Online Agency support team. And much more:

  • Site Customization: Search Links

    10/7/2005 1:11:24 PM Link |  | Add comment

    How To, Site Customization

    Search links are URLs that return a search results page with one or more search criteria already specified. By building search links, you can create links that allow your guests to go directly to a specific set of search results.

    Search links are considered a "developer" feature, so you should be familiar with URL parameters and your account's domain information to understand this feature.

    Building Custom Search Links Documentation

  • Built in support for Google SiteMap beta program

    10/6/2005 11:20:54 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Google, New Feature, Search Engine

    Google has introduced a new program called Google Sitemaps. Levelfield has added built in support for this new program. Only Levelfield customers who have the Supreme Private Label program will be able to use the Levelfield site map creation tool. The pages that the Levelfield system can submit will be limited to the pages that you actually have created. The sitemap will not include the Levelfield content. Our goal is to encourage you to create "unique content" for your website.

    In order to use this new system. You need to create an account with Google. Create new Google Account

    Once you have the account you'll need to log into your Online Agency account. Click on Google Site Map link on the dashboard.

    Once you have created the sitemap you will need to submit the sitemap to Google when you log into your Google account.

    As with all search engines, Google states that they cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or IF your urls will be crawled and added to the index. Remember that it is not technology that will make the difference for your business it is YOU.

  • Web Goobly goo - Blog RSS Promotion RSS XML

    10/6/2005 11:18:00 AM Link |  | Add comment

    Blog, Marketing, New Feature, Search Engine

    We have added in a few new feature that may help you spread the word about your website. We've had blogging capability built into your website for some time. It's a an easy way to add content to your website.

    Now we have added in the ability to easily syndicate your blog. [examplelink]. The technology behind the syndication is called RSS. As time allows we'll extend this capaiblity to your promotions, product catalogs and so on.

    The feature is available free to anyone who has the Private Label Supreme option for your Online Agency account or anyone who has an Levelfield Small Business account.

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